Improving Health and Decreasing Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Improving Health and Decreasing Fibromyalgia Symptoms


If you want to improve your health and decrease fibromyalgia symptoms, I want to encourage you to follow the “recipe” below.  If you experience any of the following symptoms, I want to give you hope that you can decrease the symptoms or eliminate them all together.  Do you experience sleeping problems, chronic headaches/migraines, memory problems, skin sensitivities, morning stiffness, muscle knots, pain, cramps, or weakness, digestive disorders, irritable bladder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, TMJ (pain in the face, jaw, and head), dizziness, burning, tingling, numbness, or itching sensations, fatigue, flu like symptoms, balance problems, or low grade fever?  People can still have these symptoms but not have the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Following are several ways to eliminate these symptoms.


Studies show that the lack of enzymes can cause some of the same symptoms listed in the previous paragraph.  Enzymes are found in raw foods so it is important to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables every day. The US Department of Agriculture recommends 8-10 servings a day. I like to drink a “salad” in a glass with “juiced whole foods” such as BarleyLife and the Garden Trio and take the digestive enzymes, PrepZymes.  When my body receives the enzymes form the “juiced whole foods”, many of the symptoms listed in the first paragraph disappear.


It is important to drink a lot of water to help deliver the nutrients to the cells and remove the toxins.  The recommended amount is to divide your weight in half and that is how many ounces you need to drink each day.  Symptoms of dehydrations can include muscle aches, lack of energy, cramps, and headaches which can also be the same symptoms of fibromyalgia.  If I don’t drink enough water, then the muscle pain and fatigue returns in my body.

Good Fats

Studies show if a person is deficient in the essential fatty acids (“good fats”), they can experience arthritis, fatigue, inflammatory diseases, memory loss, low immunity, and many other symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. AIMega is a wonder product for this deficiency that I have taken for years.

Colon and Lymphatic Health

Many studies show that a build up of toxins in the body can cause some of the symptoms mentioned in the first paragraph.  The lymphatic system was designed to remove toxins by moving the body.  If a person is not active then the lymph system needs help from exercise or certain herbs to remove the toxins from the body.  The herbs in Herbal Release are helpful for the lymphatic system to do its job.

It is also important to clean the toxins out of the colon.  Studies show that two to three bowel movements a day is healthy so if the colon does not move properly, then it sets up a toxic environment that parasites love to live in and can cause all kinds of health problems including fibromyalgia symptoms.  Fit ‘n Fiber and Herbal Fiberblend are great products to increase the fiber and clean the colon.


Parasites eat our nutrients and leave their waste products in our body which can cause some of the same symptoms mentioned in the first paragraph.  Think about it:  people worm their cats, dogs, cattle, and horses, so why not yourself?  The herbs in  Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 kill and remove many different parasites from the body.

If you, your family, or friends have these symptoms or have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I pray that you find hope, encouragement, and relief by eating a lot of plant enzymes, removing toxins from the colon and lymphatic system, and killing parasites in the body.  I eliminated many of these symptoms by taking the AIM products and eating healthier.

This information was taken from the research of over 40 different doctors and health experts that I reference in my book, Fibromyalgia and Fatigue: A Recipe for Feeling Fit and Healthy.  This 270 page book can educate people in how to improve their health, immune system, allergies, asthma, skin problems, arthritis, aches and pains, auto-immune problems, fatigue, PMS, headaches, memory problems, menopause symptoms, blood sugar, indigestion, healthy weight, and have energy.

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