Heart Problems–Yoli Huron

Inoperable Heart Condition improved by AIM Products

Sil and Yoli Huron, San Antonio, TX

In 1997, my sister had a heart-attack, triple by-pass. While praying and fasting for her, God told me to have my heart examined. I relentlessly obeyed God (because I had no symptoms). I ended up having emergency quadruple bypass. Two years later a second heart catheterization showed that 3 out of the 4 bypasses had collapsed. They also diagnosed several other “inoperable” heart conditions, placed my name on a heart transplant list and then sent me home to die.

Seeking hope and answers, I visited four more doctors who all said the same thing, except for one. A Christian doctor told me that my faith in God, a lifestyle change and good nutrition would slowly reverse the problems.

I got started on the AIM Cardio-Vascular Nutritional Plan, the Mediterranean Diet, and an exercise plan, but was still taking too many medications for my conditions. My first Garden Trio drink felt like I had stuck my finger in an electrical socket as the nutrients flooded my cells and body. I immediately began to feel stronger, more energetic, my skin color improved and felt more alive then ever. Other people even noticed and asked me if I had gotten a heart transplant. With my strong faith in God and these wonderful nutrients, I slowly weaned myself off the medications because truly I was more afraid of them than the disease.

Today, I am medication free, look and feel better than ever. I am so thankful to God for placing the AIM products in my pathway, restoring and prospering my health. After reviewing the results of my physical exam, my Cardiologist told me that if she didn’t know my medical history she would say that I no longer had heart disease. The only negative thing she told me was, “I think you’re crazy for not taking the medication”. The doctor also said that I would have to continue my nutritional and exercise plan, lifestyle change along with my faith in God, to continue to have quality of life. AIM products have been helping people live better since 1982. With an outstanding line of products ideally suited to improve health and wellness, AIM has impacted Members and customers from around the globe.