Teen Sports and Academics–Natalie Pugh

High School Athletic and Academic Competitions–Natalie Pugh

Natalie, 17 years old

I have been taking AIM’s Barley product several days a week since I was a baby.  I later added Proancynol, FloraFood, and AIMega with the BarleyLife. I have been pretty healthy during my life.  When I was 12 years old, I started competing in cross country (running 2 miles), basketball, and track so I started making sure I took the BarleyLife every day.  If I missed a day I could actually tell that I did not have as much endurance in workouts and I was not as quick.  My times in cross country and track were faster when I took BarleyLife.  As a 9th grader in high school, the AIM products helped me to make the varsity team in cross country and track.  I can also tell that I am more

Natalie, 16 years old

mentally alert in school and can listen and focus better when I take the AIM supplements.

Natalie makes all “A’s” in school, plays the flute in the school band and is the drum major this year in the marching band.  She was a state finalist in a flute trio, state finalist in Ag competition, competes in UIL academic writing, and competes in the one act plays.  She was also a cheerleader in junior high and high school.  She also enjoys water skiing, wake boarding, and snow skiing.