Cancer Patient Out of Hospice Care

Cancer Patient no longer under hospice care

From: AIM Article Archives
August 2010

Cancer patient no longer under hospice care after taking the AIM products

Testimony shared by Ron Good, AIM Preferred Member, Goshen, Indiana

I am 69 years of age, and last summer I noticed I had become very tired and began losing weight for no apparent reason. When I would eat, I noticed everything had a salty taste. After seeing my doctor who treats my diabetes, he sent me to the emergency room. They found my appendix had ruptured six weeks earlier and matter had gone into the gall bladder and caused it to rupture also. I was told I had golf-ball-sized stones floating around.

The surgery for the ruptured appendix and gall bladder was much more extensive than I thought it would be. The doctor removed two lymph nodes that were positive. He also removed about a foot from my colon. A scan also showed a one centimeter spot deep in my liver. The biopsy showed this to also be cancerous.

I had four chemotherapy treatments, one every other week. Fortunately, I didn’t feel sick or pain from these.

In November I had another scan that showed cancer was everywhere throughout my abdomen. The doctor then wanted to try a different type of chemotherapy. This made me very tired and weak. Before Thanksgiving, I was already confined to a hospital bed. In December, after trying the stronger chemo treatments, the doctor said there was nothing else they could do for me. I was sent home to relax and enjoy whatever time that was left for me. We were told I had a very aggressive cancer and my time was short.

Shortly before Christmas, a hospice nurse started coming to our home once or twice a week. Soon afterwards I had a cancer hole appear in my right side and it started to drain. It was about the size of a dime. The hospital doctor told me the cancer had eaten a hole through my side, and it was draining. The hospice nurse would measure the hole each time.

One night I was lying in the hospital bed, and Alvin Beechy (Group Builder from Topeka, Indiana) phoned me. He wanted to know if I would be willing to try AIM BarleyLife® Xtra. He said he had been on it and felt more energy. He wanted to buy my first order for me. I started on a half teaspoon of BarleyLife Xtra, two times a day for about a week, and then I started on AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM fit ’n fiber®, and AIM Composure®. I have increased my amounts to a tablespoon of BarleyLife Xtra three to four times a day and a tablespoon of each of the fiber products two times a day with the added  contents of two Composure capsules.

After the first week, I told my wife I felt more energy and my stomach felt different. I told my wife, “I can hardly lie in this hospital bed any more.” I told her if I keep feeling like this, I am going to start walking. After being in the bed for three months, I had become pretty weak. Soon I started to walk the length of our house. The nurse continued to come to our home. She would measure the hole in my side, which had begun to heal and close up. This was a mystery to her.

After the hole in my right side had healed, I went for a scan. The doctor asked, “Where is this hole?” He examined me and pushed on my stomach and nothing hurt at all. He said, “I am utterly shocked.”

He showed me the scan from November that showed the cancer all through my stomach. Then he said, “If I had left you on chemo, I would have killed you.”

The hospice nurse said she had never dismissed anyone from hospice care, but I was their first one. The scans for February and March were both clear of cancer. The doctor said he was totally mystified and had no idea what went on inside of me. As the doctor left the exam room, he turned to me and said, “Keep taking that barley.”

I am no longer under hospice care and can do my driving for the Amish. I will be doing bloodwork every two months and will have another scan in September.

Now I am sharing these wonderful AIM products with others!

(This testimonial should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.)