LeafGreens to the Rescue – Jaw Clinching Resolved!

Having used AIM BarleyLife for years, I have seen many amazing changes in my health during that time.  But some of the quickest, most dramatically noticeable changes in my health and lifestyle have come in the past few months using one of AIM’s newest products — LeafGreens!

I began taking LeafGreens in August of 2011, because of the research I had done on Quercetin and its natural effectiveness on preventing histamines from being released from the Mastocyte cell where they are stored. With Austin being one of the cities in the country always ranked at the top of the list for “worst allergies”, I was drawn to LeafGreens to see if the Quercetin could really help prevent my struggles each year with cedar season in the winter.

At first I was taking the LeafGreens around noontime, but that soon became difficult with my daily schedule so I decided to just add it to my BarleyLife and RediBeets which I take around 6:00 pm before dinnertime.  Imagine my amazement when I noticed right off the first evening, that I had slept a straight 6 hours and gone into a deep REM sleep with dreams.  Having been an up and down all night sleeper for many years with bathroom runs, etc., this was just remarkable to me and so noticeable. Thinking perhaps it was a fluke, I took it the next evening in the same way, and got the same result, a long extended period of deep sleep lasting about 6 hours. Well this became a pattern and every night for almost four months now I have had at least a 5-6 hour stretch of deep sleep every evening by taking the LeafGreens late in the day.

The other part to this story is the fact that since the first day I began the LeafGreens four months ago, until today, I have not woken up ONE MORNING with a massive headache at the base of my head in the back, from clinching my jaws throughout the night.  THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!  For almost a year I had been having horrible issues with this and had woken up at least twice a week with these headaches. They would disrupt my entire morning as it would take sometimes 2-3 hours using ice packs to get them to calm down and disappear.  Well, you can only imagine how thrilled I am that I began taking the LeafGreens….for this has totally changed my quality of life regarding my sleep and the way I awake feeling each day.  There is nothing like getting solid, sound sleep for changing your outlook on life and the way you tackle each day as it presents itself. 

I cannot thank AIM enough for bringing to market such an AMAZING, revolutionary product for health on so many levels.  Now I’m just waiting to see how LeafGreens carries me through the cedar allergy season here in Austin.  If my predictions are right — I think its gonna serve me well and I can hardly wait to share another health altering benefit.  This truly is a remarkable product that I try to share with everyone I meet.