Yeast Infection Gone

A yeast infection I had dealt with in my ears, for over 18 months, rapidly improved. I had acquired it through hair dye. It required trips to the ENT every 6 weeks for debridment and acid drops every morning and night. The doctor said I would have it the rest of my life, as nothing taken internally could make it way through to the outer ear. I had been taking BarleyLife for a while, but since I’d always heard juicing carrots was good, I decided to try the JustCarrots. Within 5 weeks, all of my yeast infection was gone completely, never to return!  Imagine the doctors surprise when I returned and, saying nothing, he looked into my ears. All he could say was “what did you do?” Then he said “it’s the beta carotene, I’ve seen this happen before in people who juice.”  No doubt in my mind from that day on….the JustCarrots is every bit as good as juicing, without all the fuss and muss. I will take it the rest of my life.