There is a scripture in the Bible that says if you ask anything, believing, you shall receive.  I believe God’s Word, but then I also learned that believing affects every aspect of our lives to include our health.  We may not even be praying about something, but if we believe it, we are creating, for as the mind of a man thinks, so is he.  In matters of health, I pondered why so many cannot receive their healing, yet refuse to trust God with wisdom that DOES NOT HARM their body, and in fact strengthens the cells, like the AIM products.  They won’t even try nutrition and run in fear to the voodoo sorcerers of the AMA and actually believe that toxic potions that have seriously evil side effects will result in their healing. Or they are content with a voodoo curse they will always have these symptoms and they have to take a toxic potion for the rest of their lives.  I ponder how can they “believe” such insanity.  The Lord showed me it is because of a strongman of FEAR.  Instead of trusting GOD and HIS WISDOM their faith is in the FEAR MONGERING of the lying voodoo curses that will follow if they do not take the sorcerers toxic potions.  At some point the idolatries must be put away, repented of and people must turn back to GOD in order to BELIEVE the GOOD THINGS that God wants to do for them, the many blessings promised in HIS WORD.  Healing is because GOD IS.  We are stewards of God’s Temple, the High Priests of God’s Temple.  How we treat His TEMPLE will produce a cause and effect.  God is not mocked, a man reaps what he SOWS.  I pray fear will leave your heart and you will BELIEVE that GOD’s Healing Word is in fact working on your behalf.  If you use Godly wisdom (James 3:17),  to strengthen your God created cells with God created nourishment and keeping the Temple clean of toxic potions and other substances that do not belong in the human body, to include vaccine ingredients, then you can experience abundant health that God has already given you.  Learning to believe, in order to receive takes FAITH in the truth of God’s Word, and the rejection of FEAR.