Welcome to our Web Site

Welcome to our Web Site


In the spring of 2003 our eyes showed much improvement. Keith’s restriction for driving without glasses was removed from his license. He has had that restriction since eighteen years of age.

Charlotte had (25) points removed from her prescription in May of 2003.

Remember, disease lives in acidity.  Our cells cannot adequately function if the pH (which measures Acidity and alkalinity) are not in a narrow range. Most processed foods are acidic, and when we eat too much processed food, the acidity-alkalinity balance is upset.

Our Garden Trio is a wonderful total food!  It contains Barley Life, Just Carrots and Redi- beets

in one carton.  The Barley Life is loaded with Chlorophyll which is very healing for the body.

The Colon must be clean to obtain real health. Because the Colon is the most abused organ in our body, many Colons are toxic ridden and suffer from a host of problems. IF your request I will send you a copy of the book: “Cleansing the Colon for a Healthier and Happier You.”  It is written by the lady who developed our Herbal Fiberblend.   Most of us do not get enough Fiber.   I hope you will order some Herbal Fiberblend soon if you haven’t tried it . You will see a difference right away!

We feel better than we did in our twenties since cleansing the colon and assimilating  our nutrition .

Health is a gift.  We earn Disease.  When cells are NOT provided proper building material weaker cells replace strong cells.  The result is disease.  It is very important to cleanse and build.  “Remember You Can’t put Wax on a dirty floor.”  It takes (5-7) times more nutrition to help healing  take place than to maintain health.

We wish you the Best of Health!

About Me

I’ve used AIM products for years and it’s a major factor in my great health. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing AIM products with others. This is just a little about me that shows in the footer on every page and the About Me section on the blog.