There are products that I often  recommend for people to facilitate their own understanding of just what their body needs to heal. As you try recommended products your body will clearly let you know which ones are best suited for your own personal health and healing journey.

No one diet or product is suitable for everyone – we are all bio-medically unique and if we gain self understanding…we gain self healing.

My job as your Holistic Health Coach is to provide you with choices…resources…to help you discover your truest, healthiest self.   The product I recommend most frequently is Barley Grass Juice  –  the perfect choice is BarleyLife!


Cheers to Your Truest Healthiest Self!

Marina Marini


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The AIM Companies is a global group whose common goal is to provide high-quality, science-based whole food concentrates and nutritional supplements through a network marketing business system. The mission of The AIM Companies is Improving Quality of Life by improving health & well being.

TheAIMCompanies have been around over 25 years and provide one of the highest quality green juices on the market today…BarleyLife!  AIM provides many Whole Food Concentrates that will help you get the nutrients your current way of eating may be depriving you of.  




About AIM

The AIM Companies is a network marketing company with a focus on improving lives through unparalleled nutritional products and a rewarding income opportunity.


Everybody wants the best for their body, and this is it. There is nothing else like it on the market.
Gary S., Indiana