Nutritional Un-Aging for the Evolving Woman

Every woman wants to maintain her youth…Aging Gracefully is an Art Form….Nutritional Un-Aging  is a Gift from Nature

Starting as early as our late 20’s the battle is on!   Every woman that fights this battle has an arsenal that she continues to add to throughout her life.   We begin with skin care products that promise to protect our youthful skin from aging, then go on to add the products that promise to reduce fine lines.  Moving forward we begin to bring out the big guns – the advanced anti-aging creams and treatments, from chemical peels to Botox and Restylane.  But yet, as we struggle to win with the latest and greatest scientific arsenal, we are still losing the battle with chronic degenerative disease, weight gain, hormonal imbalance, bone loss, digestive disturbances, loss of energy and vitality.  These are the battle skirmishes that no cream, peel or surgery can correct.   Many women begin to feel hopeless, resigning themselves to the aging process and the downhill spiral begins.

If this is you, I am here today to tell you there is hope.  The weapon I would like you to add to your arsenal today, the one that will often not only stop the enemy of aging in its tracks, but cause it to actually retreat is a Gift from Nature.  That weapon is proper Nutrition.  It is a weapon that is largely overlooked in the anti-aging battle or used without proper training and guidance.   There is currently an overwhelming amount of information and mis-information about what to eat, when to eat it and in what form .  I would guess that you have felt those arrows flying trying to decide which ones to put into your own arsenal and which ones to duck and avoid .

As women, we are all on an individual aging journey in our lives.  Three components determine our overall health, the state of our minds, our bodies and our spirits.  Un-aging with Nutrition focuses on our bodies,  but we must be mindful of our thoughts about ourselves and others (our mental wellbeing), and our connection with the world in which we live (our spirituality). These three must be balanced harmoniously or we will not achieve the optimum health we desire.

(Before you begin a nutritional change you should consult with a health care professional if you battle with a chronic disease, for which you are currently under treatment )

Un-aging is the process of reversing signs of aging.  How can our bodies begin the un-aging process with nutrition?  There are three stages you will move through on your un-aging journey.

Stage One:  Cleansing our system, especially digestive, is vital to the process.  Just as you wouldn’t add a coat of paint to a previously painted and peeling surface, so you cannot nourish or rebuild what has not first been properly prepared.   Nature gives us many gifts for this process. Juicing has long been touted for its cleansing and de-toxing properties.  I recommend organic fruits and vegetables when juicing, with the most cleansing being lots of green veggies (kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, celery) sweetened with green apple or a couple of carrots.

Eliminating sugar, refined & processed foods, and drinking distilled water will help speed up this process.  Some people use colonics to help further cleanse the colon and prepare the digestive system for Stage Two.

Stage Two:  Nourishment.  This stage involves nourishing what has been prepared to receive nutrients  with proper foods.  Remember this simple caveat:  The closer to the source the better.

For example, although carrot cake has carrots in it…the source of the nutrition is the whole carrot.  Think through your food choices with this caveat in mind and you can’t go wrong.

Stage Three:  Purposeful Eating as a Lifestyle.  Conscious eating is necessary for Un-Aging to be come a lifestyle.  Everything we consume has a purpose.  Ask yourself daily this question.  What is the purpose of what I just consumed?  Has it helped or damaged my body?  Often times we don’t fully understand the purpose of what we consume.  We subconsciously eat for comfort, for acceptance, or when our mental health is not in balance, for self-destruction.

If you find yourself wanting to start a Nutritional Un-Aging program, then it’s important to find shopping experiences that will support you in your lifestyle change.  As women, we often seek community experiences and connection on a personal level with others.  The Village Market in North Palm Beach is the perfect choice for the most wholesome organic produce available in our area, and provides the experience of both community and personal connection.   You will find a fully stocked organic juice bar to begin Stage One of your Un-Aging Program, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff to encourage you on your journey.

For Stage Two of your Un-Aging Program you will find Whole Foods ranging from fresh organic fruits and veggies, to organic nuts & seeds, as well as dried fruits, and veggies made fresh on site!  Available as well are sprouted, gluten free products and prepared cultured veggies loaded with beneficial probiotics to heal & build your digestive system thus improving your immunity.

For Stage Three of your Un-Aging Program, at the Village Market , you will find community and personal connection, both needed for Purposeful Eating as a Lifestyle.   Join the Un-Aging group that is forming with plans to meet bi-monthly at the Market as a support group for your journey.  Facilitated by Intergenerations Health & Healing, this group will be the support you are looking for as we share our knowledge and experiences in the battle against aging.  There are no age requirements as Intergenerations Health & Healing’s philosophy and mission is to promote optimum nutrition from the beginning of our journey even before birth, to our journey’s end on this planet.  Let the battle rage…we are on the winning side.

Marina Marini is the founder of Intergenerations Health & Healing.  Founded in 1996 in Sacramento, CA it has been Marina’s mission to reach out to the community encouraging unity of thought and action to achieve optimum health, mentally, physically and spiritually.