AIM’s Garden Trio: BarleyLIfe, Just Carrots and Redi Beets contain copious supply of life enzymes.  Enzymes are complexes of proteins, vitamins and minerals that do the work of the body.  They are also destroyed by heat, which means that cook foods in our diet may not have many live enzymes.

In 1979, at the general meeting of the Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Science it was reported that more than 20 enzymes had been isolated from spray-dried  barley juice.  It is these enzymes that classify this product as a “live food”.  Let’s look at just two of these enzymes:

  1. Superoxide dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant. Normal metabolic activity throws off dangerous superoxide free radicals, which are oxygen molecules with an unpaired electron. Superoxide free radicals damage the cell walls and are through to be the primary culprit in aging and many diseases. , including cancer.  Antioxidants like SOD protect the body from toxic free radicals., In mice inoculated with cancer, barley juice had a surprising curative effect through to stem from the barley juice’s large quantity of SOD.  Spray-dried green juices  are the most plentiful source of SOD.  Hello AIM Barley Life.
  2. Cytochrome oxidase is one of the enzymes essential for cell metabolism. Int the body there are two forms of fat- brown fat, which contains cytochrome oxidase and it metabolically active, and white fat, which doesn’t and isn’t. White fat just lies around being ugly. Many have claimed that regular supplementation with green barley juice stimulates weight loss, which is likely due to the enhancement of cytochrome oxidase enzyme system.