The colon is a sewerage system, but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean and normal we are well and happy. Let it stagnate, and it will distil the poisons of decay, fermentation and putrefaction into the blood, poisoning the brain and nervous system so that we become mentally depressed and irritable, it will poison the heart so that we are weak and listless, poison’s the lungs so that the breath is foul, poison’s the digestive organs so that we are distressed and bloated, and poison’s the blood so that the skin is sallow and unhealthy. In short, every organ of the body is poisoned, and we age prematurely, look and feel old, the joints are still and painful, neuritis, dull eyes and a sluggish brain overtake us, the pleasure of living is gone.


The following information should impress you with the vital importance of bowel regularity to you and every member of your family.


Extract from “Young Again! How To Reverse The Aging Process” by John Thomas

“Both fat and skinny people hold large amounts of mucoid matter in their colon. I often hear people say, “Oh! I don’t need colon therapy! I go two or three times a day!” Regularity is NOT a reliable yardstick here. Mucoid lining build up begins as early as age six”.

“When the most popular cowboy in movie history died (his name was John…) over seventy (70) pounds of mucoid matter was removed from his colon upon autopsy. The odour was beyond description. The great actor’s transverse colon, the part that hangs over men’s belt line, was almost 12 inches in diameter. Yet the lumen (opening) through which his waste flowed was only 1 inch in diameter. The difference was accumulated mucoid matter, toxins and drugs. A “healthy” colon should be about two inches in total diameter”.

“When you see a person’s belly hanging over the belt line, or filling a women’s pelvic area, you are seeing a VERY engorged and prolapsed (i.e sagging) colon.”

Extract from “Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management” by Bernard Jenson, D.C., Ph.D., Nutritionist.

When the bowel is that dirty, it can harbour an amazing variety of very harmful bacteria and parasites. It’s interesting to note that worms outrank cancer as man’s deadliest enemy on a worldwide basis. It is estimated that 200 million people worldwide are infected by these intestinal parasites”.

“These worms range in size from microscopic single-celled animals to 20 foot long tapeworms. These parasites kill more people annually than cancer. One in four people in the world today are infected by roundworms”

“The need for bowel sanitation and cleanliness has been sadly neglected for sometime now. A bowel movement every two or three days is considered normal and acceptable. We of the holistic professions know better. Our experiences prove beyond doubt that poor bowel condition is the source for many, many disorders in the body. Recently, medical researchers in African countries have had a first-hand opportunity to verify these beliefs”.

“Both British and South African medical scientists strongly insist that what is usually referred to as “regularity” may be a matter of life and death. An insufficient number of bowel movements, and too little fibre and bulk in the faeces may often explain the existence of gall bladder disorders, heart problems, varicose veins, appendicitis, clotting in deep veins, hiatal hernia, diverticulitis, arthritis and cancer of the colon. This complete turn-around in medical orientation comes from top-notch surgeons and biochemists”.

“In less than a century, there has occurred an incredible increase in certain diseases which these researchers have attempted to explain by comparing Africans living under tribal conditions to people living under the conditions of western countries”.

“Their research indicates that the increases in disease rates in Westerners were caused by changes occurring in the food make-up that reaches the large bowel. In former times, ingested food was much coarser and contained more bulk and indigestible fibre. The processing of foods today makes them mushy, soft, fibreless and bulk-less”.

“These researchers claim that this situation is having a detrimental effect upon the American and British health. In England, Africa and India, experiments were conducted to compare eating habits, foods and bowel waste products. These studies indicated that people living under primitive conditions on diets high in indigestible fibre passed from 2 to 4 times more faeces as those in the western countries, and these people were found to be relatively free from most of the diseases studied”.

Extracts from “Health In The 21st Century, Will Doctors Survive” Dr Contreras, M.D It should be noted that Dr Contreras specialises in oncology surgery and actively oversees more than 600 patients with cancer each year.

“There is no secret that there are ethnic groups who rarely experience disease, and who boast impressive life expectancy, from the Himalayans, to tribes in Central and South America. Although their eating habits are very different, all live a long time and seldom ill. What’s their secret?”.

Research groups like H.S Goldsmith (Lancet, 1975) and Reddy and Wynder (Journal of the National Health Institutes, 1975) reported that “Westerners produce small amounts of faeces every 24 to 48 hours, and that their stools are hard, segmented, frequently painful and difficult to excrete. On the other hand, eaters of primitive diets eliminate three times as much waste with soft and voluminous faeces that are easy to excrete. Westerners excrete the remains of food eaten two days earlier, while groups like the Hunza report a maximum intestinal transit time of ten hours. The danger of constipation is highly underestimated.

British experts like J.Yuddin from London in 1972 (and later in 1974), and T.L. Clave from Bistol, reported high incidence of cancer in people from the modern Western world because of diets rich in fats and refined foods. Later, Wilkins and Hackman publised (Cancer Research 1974) similar findings in Americans. Their faeces contained elevated quantities of nitrogen, fat, cholesterol, biliary acids, and a high concentration of carcinogenic metabolites. Renowned epidemiologist Martin Lipkin published in Cancer magazine that groups of Africans, South Americans and Japanese, living in rural ares who eat primitive diets consisting of mainly vegetable, fruits and grains rich in fibre and seldom animal products, have almost no risk of ever developing cancer. These claims are corroborated by the reports of Kian Liu (Lancet, 1979) and E.L Wynder (Cancer, 1979) who indicated that for every 100,000 inhabitants in the United States, 109 die of colon cancer, but only 4 every 100,000 in Uganda. This is a quantitative difference between the modern hi-tech diet and a fibre-rich diet.

Dr.Adlercreutz, in his article “Diet, Mammary Cancer and Metabolism of the Sex Hormone,” emphasises that western women enjoy unrestrained consumption of animal proteins and fats, along with refined constipating carbohydrates. This diet not only increases their risk of colon cancer, it substantially increases the production of estrogens. This excessive estrogen, that normally should be eliminated through the stool, is trapped in the colon because of constipation and is easily reabsorbed back into the already unnaturally excessive bloodstream concentration. In contrast, Oriental women and others that adhere to natural unadulterated foods, avoid this deadly vicious cycle because their diets are low in fats, animal protein and refined products. They consume foods high in fibre like fruits, vegetable and grains. Thanks to proper, easy, frequent evacuations, their exposure to hormones is closer to the ideal because of no excess production due to poor diet and no recycling.

But not all estrogens are harmful. There are estrogens both good and bad; the most abundant is 16-hydrxyesterone which damages DNA, causing among other problems, mammary and testicular cancer.

But cancer is only one of the many ailments that estrogens have brought upon women. Menstrual, fertility, ovarian and uterine problems can be listed. German scientists have encountered high blood concentrations of PCB in women with endometriosis, an inflammatory pelvic disease that causes severe pre and menstrual pain, with sterility as one of its major complications. Before the pesticide era, endometriosis was virtually nonexistent. In 1920 only 21 cases had been reported in the whole world. At least five million women presently have endometriosis in the USA alone”

Important Discussion of Alimentary Toxaemia Before The Royal Society Of Medicine Of Great Britain.

Recently, the subject of alimentary toxaemia was discussed in London before the Royal Society of Medicine by fifty-seven of the leading physicians of Great Britain. Among the speakers were eminent surgeons, physicians and specialists in the various branches of medicine.

Poisons of Alimentary Intestinal Toxemia

The following is a list of the various poisons noted by the several speakers: Indol, skarol, phenol, cresol, indican, sulphurretted hydrogen, ammonia, histidine, urrobilin, methylmercaptan, tetramerhy-lendiamin, pentamethy lendiamine, putrescin, cadaverin, neurin, cholin, muscarine, butyric acid, bera-imidazzolethy-lamine, methylgandinine, Ptomarropine, botulin, tyramine, agamatine, tryptophane, sepoin, idolethylamine, sulpherroglobine.

Of the 36 poisons mentioned above, several are highly active, producing most profound effects, and in very small quantities. In the cases of alimentary toxaemia one or several of these poisons is constantly bathing the delicate body cells, and setting up charges which finally result in grave disease.

Symptoms and Disease Due to Alimentary Toxaemia

It should be understood that these findings are not mere theories, but are the result of demonstrations in actual practice by physicians. Of course it is not claimed that alimentary toxaemia is the only cause of all the symptoms and diseases named. Although of many it may well be the sole principal cause, some of them are due to other causes as well. In the following summary the various symptoms and disorders mentioned in the discussion in London, to which reference has been made above, are grouped and classified.

The Digestive Organs

Duodenal ulcer causing partial or complete obstruction of the duodenum; pyloric spasm; pyloric obstruction; distension and dilation of the stomach; gastric ulcer; cancer of the stomach and liver; inflammation of the liver; cancer of the liver.

The muscular wall of the intestine as well as other muscles atrophy, so that the passage of their contents is hindered. The abdominal viscera lose their normal relationship to the spine and to each other, on account of weakening of the abdominal muscles; these displacements are much more marked and serious in women. Other conditions are: catarrh of the intestines; foul gases and smelling stools; colitis; acute enteritis; appendicitis, acute and chronic adhesions and “kinks” of the intestines; visceroptosis (enlargement of the spleen), distended abdomen; tenderness of the abdomen; summer diarrhoea of children; inflammation of pancreas; chronic dragging abdomen pains; gastritis; cancer of the pancreas; inflammatory changes of gall bladder; cancer of gall bladder; gallstones; degeneration of liver; cirrhosis of liver; infection of the gums, and decay of the teeth; ulcers in the mouth and pharynx.

Heart and Blood Vessels

Wasting and weakening of the heart muscles; microbic cyanosis from breaking up of blood cells; fatty degeneration of the heart; endocarditis; subnormal blood pressure; enlargement of the heart, the dilation of the aorta, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, permanent dilation of the arteries.

Dr.W.Bezley says: “There are a few phases of cardiovascular trouble (disease of the heart and blood vessels) with which disorder of some part of the alimentary tract is not causatively associated”.

The Nervous System

Headaches of various kinds: frontal, occipital, temporal, dull or intense, hemicrania and headache of a character to lead to a mistaken diagnosis of brain tumour. Dr Lane tells of a case where a surgeon had proposed an operation for the removal of a tumour from the frontal lobe of the brain, the difficulty was wholly removed by the exclusion of the colon. Acute neuralgia (pains in the legs), neuritis (twitching of the eyes and the muscles of face, arms legs etc) Lassitide (irritability, disturbances of nervous system, varying from simple headaches to absolute collapse), mental and physical depression; insomnia, troubled sleep, unpleasant dreams, unrefreshing sleep (the patient awakening tired), excessive sleepiness (patient falling asleep in the daytime), shivery sensation across lower spinal region, burning sensations in face, hands etc, epileptiformtic, typhoid state, paralysis, chronic fatigue, horror of noises, morbid introspection, perverted moral feelings, melancholia, mania, loss of memory, difficulty of mental concentration, imbecility, insanity, delirium, coma.

The Eyes

Degenerative changes in the eye; inflammation of the lens; inflammation of the optic nerve; hardening of the lens; sclerotits; sclerokeratitis; iritis; iridocyclitis; cataract; recurrent haemorrhage in the retinas; eyes dull and heavy.

The Skin

Formation of wrinkles; thin inelastic; starchy skin; pigmentation of the skin (yellow, brown, slate-black, blue, muddy complexion), offensive secretion from the skin flexures; thickening of the skin; sores and boils; pemphigus; pruritus, herpes; eczema; dermatitis; lupus erythemarosus; acne; rosacrea; cold, clammy extremities, dark circles under the eyes, seborrhoea, psoriasis, pityriasis, alopecia, lichen, planus, jaundice: “An infinitesimal amount of any poison may suffice to cause skin eruption”.

Muscles and Joints

Degeneration of the muscles: “muscles waste and become soft and in advanced cases, tear easily. In young life, the muscular debility produces the deformities which are called dorsal excurvation, or round shoulders, lateral curvature, flat-foot and knock-knee”. Weakens of abdominal muscles causes accumulation of faeces in the pelvic colon, which renders evacuation of contents more and more difficult. Prominence of bones, rheumatic pains simulating sciatic and lumbago, various muscular pains, muscular rheumatism, arthritis deformities, synovitis, rickets, arthritis, acute chronic. Tubercle, and rheumatoid arthritis are the direct result of intestinal intoxication. Dr Lane says: “I do not believe it is possible for either of these diseases to obtain a foot-hold except in the presence of statis”.

Genito-Urinary and Reproductive Organs

Various displacements, distortion and disease of the uterus, change in the whole forms contour of woman, fibrosis of breast, wasting of breasts, induration of breasts, sub-acute and chronic mastitis, cancer of breast, morritis and endometritis, infection of bladder especially in women, frequency of urination, albumosuria, acute nephritis, movable kidney, floating kidney. Dr Lane goes so far as to say: “Autointoxication plays so large a part in the development of disease in the female genito-urinary apparatus, that they may be regarded by the gynaecologist as a product of intestinal statis”.

General Disorders and Disturbances of Nutrition

Degeneration of the organs of elimination, especially the liver, kidneys (Bright’s Disease) and spleen, pernicious anaemia, lowered resistance to infection of all kind, premature senile decay, retardation of growth in children, accompanied by mental irritability and muscular fatigue, adenoids, enlarged tonsils, scurvy, enlarged thyroid (goitre) various tumours and thyroid, Raynoud’s disease. In those who apparently suffer no harm from constipation during a long series of years there is perhaps, as suggested by Hertz, a partial immunity established. The writer has long believed that such an immunity is sometimes established in the very obstinate constipation which accompanies absolute fasting, because of the cleansing of the tongue and reappearance of appetite which often occurs at the end of the second of third week of the fast, a phenomenon very like that which appears in Typhoid fever and other continued fevers. It must not be supposed, however, that even the establishment of so-called immunity insures the body against all injury. The labour of eliminating an enormous amount of virulent toxins, which falls upon the kidneys, damages the renal tissues and produces premature failure of these essential organs. Any process, which develops toxins within the body, is a menace to the life of the tissues and should be suppressed as far as possible, and as quickly as possible. The fact that symptoms of poisoning (resulting from constipation) do not appear at once is no evidence that injury is not done. Dr William Hunter in the course of the London discussion remarked that the fact that chronic constipation “might exist in certain individuals as an almost permanent condition without apparently causing ill health, is due solely to the power and protective action of the liver. It is not any evidence of the comparative harmlessness of constipation per se, but only as an evidence that some individuals posses the cecum and the colon of an ox, with the liver of a pig, capable of doing any amount of detoxification”.


In the face of such an array of evidence backed up by the authority of nearly 60 eminent English physicians and many hundred of other English, US, German and French physicians whose names might be added, it is no longer possible to ignore the importance of alimentary toxaemia or intoxication as a fact in the production of disease”. To no other single cause is it possible to attribute one-tenth as many various and widely diverse disorders. It may be said that almost every chronic disease known is directly or indirectly due to the influence of bacterial poisons absorbed from the intestine. The colon may be justly looked upon as a veritable Pandora’s box out of which come more human misery and suffering, mental and moral, as well as physical than from any other known source.



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