A Healthy Lifestyle is Critical
Portrait of Songy

In January 2013, I was diagnosed with remitting-recurring multiple sclerosis, a chronic, typically progressive disease that damages nerve-cell sheaths in the brain and spinal cord. My symptoms included vision impairment, balance issues and numbness in my legs and hands.

I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and am an aerial silk acrobat, which demands peak athletic ability and stamina. My diet has been mostly vegetarian. This lifelong commitment to health made my diagnosis so hard to understand.

I give all the credit and glory to God when I say that I have not had another MS episode since 2012. I believe that BarleyLife along with a healthy lifestyle is critical and that exercise is as important as nutrition. I cannot say definitively that BarleyLife is helping to man­age my MS symptoms, especially since I was symptom-free for five years before taking it.

Since starting BarleyLife, how­ever, my overall health has improved. I sleep better, have more energy and no longer have menstrual cramps. I love my BarleyLife and crave it all day!

My journey with AIM is just beginning. I continue to enjoy sharing BarleyLife and other AIM products with others and seeing the positive health benefits that result.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.