Serving Others by Offering Hope
Portrait of Char Pelfrey and husband

Shared by Char Pelfrey AIM Director in Mason, Ohio

Of all the roles in life I've loved and endeavored to undertake, cancer survivor was not on my list.

In 2016, my husband, Jerry, and I were living full, productive lives with four grandchildren: Jerry as lead pastor of our church and I with 15 years on our city's council. Both of us loved serving others and felt we were doing exactly what God had called us to do.

Then I found a lump that turned out to be aggressive invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. Our lives were completely changed in a moment, ensued by a blur of doctor visits, tests, and scans. I ended up fighting for my life.

A double mastectomy, reconstructive surgeries, and an extensive, difficult recovery followed. I have so much to live for and I wanted to fight the best way I could using the nutritional tools that God gave us from His original garden.

Portrait of AIM Director Cindy Ponchot About that time I met AIM Star Sapphire Director Cindy Ponchot, now my personal friend and mentor. Cindy had also survived cancer. She instructed me about the AIM products, which I began taking in the fall of 2016.

  • Garden Trio
  • FloraFood
  • CoCoa LeafGreens
  • Composure
  • Proancynol 2000

I reclaimed my health by using nutrition along with radically changing my diet and rigorous exercise.

Today, I am stronger and healthier than I have been i nmy many years and take any opportunity I can to share my story and offer hope to others.

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