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The AIM Companies specializes in whole-food concentrates and nutritional supplements that improve the quality of people’s lives. With over 30 products in the product line, there is sure to be something for your needs.

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The AIM Companies is a network marketing company with a focus on improving lives through unparalleled nutritional products and a rewarding income opportunity.


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Organically Speaking - May 6, 2021

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) divides organic products into four categories: crops, livestock, processed products and wild crops.¹ According to USDA regulations, if produce is certified to have been grown in soil without the application of prohibited substances for three years prior to harvest, then it can be called organic.²The problem is that certifiedContinue reading "Organically Speaking"

Muscle Up with Veggies! - May 5, 2021

There are so many super reasons for eating a lot of vegetables, especially leafy greens. Whole, plant-based food simply supplies the best source of nutrition for our bodies. The same can be said for many others in the animal kingdom. For example, all the way back in 1854, one of America’s greatest writers, Henry DavidContinue reading "Muscle Up with Veggies!"

Earth Day - April 20, 2021

April 22 is the official date assigned for the annual awareness of Earth Day. This year’s theme is Restore Our Earth™, which is appropriate on a number of levels, notably at ocean depths. Given that 71 percent of our planet is covered by water and the Earth’s oceans account for 96.5 percent of the world’sContinue reading "Earth Day"

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