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You can improve your health with high-quality supplements and nutritional concentrates from The AIM Companies. AIM is Nutrition That Works.

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The AIM Companies™ specializes in whole-food concentrates and nutritional supplements that improve the quality of your life. With over 30 supplements in the product line, AIM is Nutrition That Works.

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The AIM Companies is a network marketing company with a focus on improving lives through unparalleled nutritional products and a rewarding income opportunity.


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Aging Well with AIM Nutrition - September 27, 2020

If there is one secret to aging well, it is the sources of nutrition that you feed your body as the years go by.1 Consuming the right kinds of food adds up to “inner housekeeping” that makes for a healthy body environment. It’s a “nourishing your cells equals a healthy you” situation that is soContinue reading "Aging Well with AIM Nutrition"

The Cocoa Brain Boost - September 20, 2020

Most people would like to keep their minds sharp, fearing age related decline in cognition and memory in their later years. Studies suggest that consuming some cocoa or chocolate every day helps keep memories from slipping away. Such research particularly affirms the cravings of chocolate lovers. Of course, the type of chocolate makes a difference:Continue reading "The Cocoa Brain Boost"

Lycopene and Reproductive Health - September 13, 2020

Supplements that support the reproductive health of men are focused more often than not on older males. Then along comes a recent study that determined younger men can benefit from the plant nutrient that gives tomatoes their red color: lycopene, one of the most potent dietary antioxidants.1 The study was undertaken to exam­ine the possibleContinue reading "Lycopene and Reproductive Health"

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