Psychic Readings

Hi there, I’m Suizy and I’m a naturally gifted psychic and have been providing my services professionally for over 10 years. I am a compassionate and sympathetic reader,as well as a spiritual healer.I knew from the age of 7 that I was psychic, how ever I did not know how I could use my gift. It took a series of events in my late 30’s to act on my gift, and through guidance from my spirit guides decided to pursue it further. During that period of my life I was able to fine tune my natural abilities with other modalities and healing abilities and studied and acquired healing of natural herbs and tonics to be able to cater for those with physical ailments.

I’m able to look into various aspects of your life or queries you have, be it work, relationships, health, or anything of importance to you. When you have your reading with me I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities in conjunction with my guides, I also use a variety of crystals.I find the crystals particularly useful, as they allow me to channel the messages from my guides as well send spiritual healing to you. It is very important that you feel comfortable when having a reading or healing session with me.

In my spare time I also enjoy making organic soaps and products, made from ingredients grown on our property. A quote that particularly inspires me is work to live not live to work. So for a down to earth, and enlightening reading, give me a call today.

Blessings Suizy