Take a look at what the founders of AIM had in mind 26 years ago when the company came into being. And remember this name, Bella Vladimirsky.

The owners knew they had something to sell, a unique green barley powder. But how to sell it, how to market it, what did they believe, and why.

Well, they could go retail or they could decide on network marketing. They decided on network marketing. With a minimum investment, modern technology, and an excellent compensation plan, network marketing offers the opportunity to build a business through people helping people, each Member doing his or her share, and each Member benefiting from the efforts of everyone.

The AIM Mission Statement reflects company values as well: "The mission of The AIM Companies is to improve the quality and productivity of people's lives by promoting the Healthy Cell Concept® and the highest principles of free enterprise."

AIM's core values statement builds on the founding ideals of the company.

  1. Respect for the individual.
  2. Commitment to excellence.
  3. Dedication to customer service.
  4. Success through personal initiative.

What evolved was a simple three-word mantra: Nutrition. Opportunity. Success. A piece of the American dream is there for the taking. Not always an easy route but very rewarding along the way.

Royal Emerald Director Bella Vladimirsky came to the United States in 1989, settling with her husband, Arkady, in Texas in 1990. "We came from Moldavia, part of the former Soviet Union, in search of freedom. We had no freedom of opinions, we could not live where we wanted to, we were forbidden to travel abroad, and even domestic travel was restricted. Having a private business was illegal, housing was scarce, and most consumer goods were in short supply and rationed."

From a land where your life is very regulated from cradle to grave to one where freedom to succeed and freedom to fail are a way of life ... came Bella. "AIM was the first company I was introduced to," says Bella, "and I still love it. The products are great, the staff is wonderful, and the educational materials are excellent."

Now think about this, $54. Doesn't seem like a whole lot. Don't try telling that to Bella. That $54 turned her life into something she could never imagine in Russia. "My first check from AIM was for $54. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the first American money earned by me. I was so excited I called my brother in Russia and told him the news. I decided that if I could make $54, it would be nice to have another check for $500. I set a goal and started to share the products with everyone I knew. I was on the phone calling my Russian friends all over the U.S., sharing with them about AIM. I thought I could earn an income from this. This is how it all started."

The Vladimirsky family lives in the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen, Texas, with a metro population of 700,000. The population is overwhelmingly Hispanic. So how does an immigrant from Russia possessing limited English skills and no ability in Spanish build a downline that pushed her to Royal Emerald status? "The apartment complex we lived in had only three or four families who spoke English. But I was so anxious to share the benefits of the AIM products that I ordered lots of literature in Spanish. I also had one Spanish video. I met ladies in the laundromat at the complex and gave them literature. I dragged them to my apartment, mixed the green barley powder with apple juice, and had them taste it. They enjoyed it and I started taking orders. Then I started having home meetings and soon my entire neighborhood was drinking the green barley juice."

Bella herself was a beneficiary of the product. "I always had low blood pressure and headaches. When I started using the green barley juice powder my headaches disappeared. I thought this was weird and told my husband I needed to go see the doctor. He laughed and told me it was the barley that was helping me."

A bout of illness with her son sealed the deal for her belief in AIM. Arkady and Bella have two children, a daughter and a son. The son, Eugene, came home from school with chicken pox in his throat. "I had read that the barley juice would strengthen the immune system. The doctor told me it would take 10 days for him to recover. But Eugene was in pain so I gave him some green barley juice three times a day. After three days, the chicken pox was gone. I got very excited. That was good motivation for me. I started calling all my friends to share the news."

The AIM experience has not only been good for the family health and their finances, but also adds Bella, AIM is responsible for the best family vacation she has ever had. "We decided to drive to the Boise convention as a high school graduation present for my daughter, Nelly. The trip lasted three weeks and we went 5,000 miles to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, St. George, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone Park, and the Rocky Mountains. It was our best vacation ever. Once we got to the convention, we were very impressed with AIM, the people we met, and the motivational speakers."

Bella has master's degrees in biology and chemistry, is a certified nutritionist, a certified iridologist, and a registered naturopath. From all this training and her exposure to AIM comes a piece of simple advice, "Stay healthy naturally."

And her heart is never far from what AIM has provided her. "AIM gave me the opportunity to start my own business. AIM has provided me with excellent food supplements that I can promote to other people so they can stay healthy."

Also dear to her is the chance to participate in the American Dream. "We had free education and free medical care in the Soviet Union," says Bella. "But no freedom. Life here in the United States is much better and richer but it is also more complicated. All that freedom means you have choices, opportunities, and responsibilities."

It almost goes without saying, but here goes anyway. Bella wouldn't have it any other way.