I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. I want you to know that “cancer” is not a death sentence unless you deem it so. I had always seen it as such…but it is NOT! The first thing my husband Larry and I did was to go to the greatest physician known to man, the Lord Jesus Himself, who made it clear that we should go the nutrition route instead of the doctor-advised breast removal, chemotherapy, and radiation.

In discussing our decision with the doctor, Larry said, “You are an intelligent person, so let e ask you a question, and please give me an ntelligent answer. My wife’s immune system is own, and that is why she got cancer in the first place. My question to you is, why do you want to destroy what’s left of her immune system with chemotherapy and radiation?”

The doctor replied with this profound answer, “Well, that’s just the way we do it Mr. Wyatt.”When Larry told her that we decided to go the nutrition route and rebuild my immune system, the doctor responded, “Well, she’ll die Mr. Wyatt.” My husband snapped back and said, “No she won’t. She won’t die until the Lord calls her home”.

The Lord led us to The AIM Companies™, and I started taking eight tablespoons of AIM’s barley grass powder per day. I did this for over three years. Our goal was to strengthen my immune system and kill the cancer.

Overnight, we cut out all meat, sugar, caffeine,white flour, fried foods, carbonated drinks, and all processed food. We started eating as much live (ras) food as possible because even cooked (vegetables lose nutrition. In the first couple of months, we started feeling much better with fewer aches and pains as well as improved regularity. Both of us lost about thirty pounds.

When people ask me how I could make such immediate changes, I tell them that it’s just like when I married Larry by saying “I do”; I made a lifetime commitment. These healthy changes are a lifestyle, not a diet … it’s a way of life. When you get that into your head and heart, it will be easy.

I continue to take AIM Barleylife® andmany other products, such as AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM Cellsparc 360®, and AIM Proancynol® 2000. I don’t take any medication.  I’m now seventy-four years old, and my blood tests remain normal—no cancer.