Cocoa LeafGreens Milkshake

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My husband, Phil, likes LOVES this Cocoa LeafGreens Milkshake as a treat (in place of chocolate ice cream) when relaxing and watching his favorite movies which are usually made by Nora Ephron (think Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia), Ron Howard (Appollo 13) or anything John Wayne, lol.



Many of my clients (and I)  enjoy this as their morning protein shake, 20 minutes or more after taking their BarleyLife Extra or their Garden Trio.

This is a nutrition powerhouse, high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and protein and tastes…just like a chocolate milk shake!



1 serving of Cocoa LeafGreens contains the (enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense dehydrated juice) of  4 pounds of leafy greens PLUS enzyme-rich dehydrated sprout juices (sprouts are the most nutrient dense time of a plant).  Nothing out there compares to this.  In addition it has three types of cacao powder, including raw cacao powder!


Cocoa LeafGreens Milkshake

chocolate milkshake
Delicious Cocoa LeafGreens Chocolate Milkshake



Fabulous Healthful Ingredients



I like to use an immersion blender (the link is for the one I have, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!)  for this, whips up quickly, however, you could also use a magic bullet or high speed blender.

Quick and Easy Instructions

Combine all and blend until smooth, serve immediately with a straw and watch for a smile!

NOTE:  The frozen fruit gives it the frozen ice cream texture, if you don’t want the extra sugar from fruit just use water, it will still be great!  You can also use only coconut water or only almond milk if you prefer.


Nutrition Facts – approximately 16 ounce serving

Milkshake Type Calories Carbs Protein Fat Fiber Sugar
Cocoa Leaf Greens Plain Chocolate Milkshake w/ 5 Cherries 156 17 15 4 2 9
Tillamook Chocolate Ice Cream Shake 320 39 13 14 2 26
Cocoa Leaf Greens Almond Butter Chocolate Milkshake 336 23 22 20 6 11
Tillamook Chocolate Peanutbutter Milk Shake 365 41 14 18 2 33


Note: the difference in the Cocoa LeafGreens Shake with almond butter is primarily increased fat, however, raw almond butter is a good fat.  The Cocoa LeafGreens Milkshake with Almond butter is not a weight loss food but is a great health food.


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  1. Hey Celeste,
    Kesha is allergic to nuts and therefore can’t have nut milk. Could she have rice milk? I suggested rice milk but then just realized that is from a grain. Let me know your thoughts.

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