Why I Quit Using My Juicer

Why I Quit Using My Juicer


My husband Phil and I experienced INCREDIBLE health benefits when we began juicing, reversing Type 2 Diabetes, IBS, Plantar Fasciitis, prostate problems and more.

The most incredible benefit was when, after 7 years of juicing, I learned that the degenerative discs in my lower back and arthritis in my were healed and according to my doctor and x-rays – my discs were now “text-book perfect”.

I knew this was possible but had no idea how quickly my body would heal.  God’s design is amazing!  What an awesome God!

We juiced consistently for 7 years.  Every day we made our own juice, often several types.  We took our juicer on vacation and on a road trip across the US.  Our fridge was full of 20-pound bags of carrots, bags of lemons, celery and apples.  But we didn’t mind it because we knew the wonderful juices were healing…Read our story here


Each batch of juice takes 30 minutes to make, clean up and put away the juicer.  Not to mention shopping for the veggies and washing the veggies and doing the prep so they are ready to juice when the time comes.  But it was a sacrifice we willingly made…until…

Phil decided to purchase an 18-wheeler and wanted me to go with him…a lifelong dream of my hubby (it turned out to be a nightmare but that’s another story).  When we went out on the road we tried to keep juicing; because it is such a VALUABLE health move.  But honestly, it just did not work.  Not enough time, space, access to organic veggies, on and on.  So we had to do something differently.

The Incredible Garden Trio

A friend introduced us to the concept of dehydrated juice powders.  I was skeptical.  How could dehydrated juice powders be as effective as real homemade juice?  But we had to try something.  We ordered The Garden Trio from the AIM Companies, you may have heard of BarleyLife.

It was certainly convenient; just put the juice powders in a shaker cup add water and shake and drink.  It took 30 seconds!  Amazing!  We quickly adapted to the new taste and definitely enjoyed the 30 seconds rather than 30 minutes.  AND the affordability.  Organic veggies are $3.99 per pound in the US.  The Garden Trio is $110 for a monthly supply.

Try the AIM Garden Trio

Some of my students did not want the hassle and mess of making their own juice daily…it wasn’t sustainable in their lifestyle; so I asked them to try The Garden Trio.

Enzyme and Antioxidant-Rich Dehydrated Juice Powders


It worked for them, just as “real homemade juice” did for others.  We had reports of lower blood pressure, cholesterol, reverse Type 2 Diabetes, reduced pain, improved digestion and more as our students used The Garden Trio on a regular basis as part of their wellness lifestyle.


This was really exciting because it pained me to see people stop using their juicers and abandoning this amazing health tonic all together…juicing wasn’t sustainable in their busy lives.  So now, with The Garden Trio we had a sustainable and affordable system!  Yay!

But I REALLY became convinced when I began meeting men and women from all over the world who had used The Garden Trio as part of their cancer healing protocol.  Cindy Ponchot has been cancer-free for many years, she has an incredible story of healing.   You can hear Cindy Ponchot’s story here.

I’d love to talk with you more about your Wellness Goals and The Garden Trio.

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