Just for The Girls…Dry & Leaky?

Renewed balance just for the girls

Just for The Girls…Dry & Leaky?


Just for The Girls…Dry & Leaky?

I’ve experienced it…have you? Dry “down there” … making you want to avoid what should be the greatest pleasure on earth?

Or possibly you’ve been thinking about getting some of those leak-proof pads, to restore the joy and freedom in your life?

So many of us “girls” carry the stress of these two “Girls Only” problems.

Let’s face it, painful sex or no sex? And if it’s no sex we start to act a little crazy, because God made sex to give us joy, stress relief and bonding with our hubs…right?

And don’t get me started about worrying where the bathroom is or if you are going to pee your pants at the most inopportune moment!

Wanna Know a Secret?

If you don’t want to read my ramblings, just go directly to the info on AIM Renewed Balance.

Renewed balance just for the girls
Use topically to experience better health as a woman!



First, let’s talk about the ahem..sex thing … after all … it’s important, right?

Why do we get dry “down there?

You probably already know it has to do with hormones, but do you know that God’s design of your body has your hormone health covered from birth through your home going to heaven? Yup…God knew how desperately we need those hormones.


There are a couple of problems that interfere with God’s design, well, maybe three that I know of.

1. Our diet.

When you eat a diet high in processed foods and sugars and caffeine and alcohol (sound familiar?) you really mess with your hormones. God created our bodies to need natural, God-Made-Food in reasonable amounts. Eating the Alkaline Plate way will help you with this. You will learn more about that if you signed up for my newsletter in the pop-up box. If you didn’t sign up for my newsletter you can do it here:  https://myaimstore.com/thewellnessworkshop/

HINT:  #1 Cause of Urinary Incontinence is Coffee… Coffeee is a bladder irritant…try eliminating coffee and all caffeine (ok, a little chocolate MAY be ok).  You may find your urgency and frequency go away.

2. Our stress. 

Did you know that stress accounts for a huge part of your physical health? There are 3 types of stress…nutritional stress…(see #1), and physical stress – this comes from not getting movement and from not resolving nutritional stress – and emotional stress. Most of us think all stress is emotional. I’ve found when you resolve nutritional stress through diet you see a dramatic reduction in physical and emotional stress. Amazing.

3. Our environment.

This can also cause stress because we are inundated with all kinds of toxins through our water, air and soil. BUT if you address nutritional stress your body can better cope with environmental stress.

So the first thing to help with both vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence is your diet and movement. These will help to strengthen the vaginal muscles that help you hold your pee and enjoy sex!

The product I LOVE that helps to support these is AIM Renewed Balance.

I use AIM Renewed Balance on my face and hands with some of my favorite essential oils…especially Frankincense and Melrose and Roman Chamomile.

How to apply Vaginally…purchase a syringe from a drug store, and use it to put 1/4 teaspoon vaginally on a daily basis for 21 days per month. Stop 7 days and then start again.  Check out what a vaginal syringe looks like here…you can also use an oral syringe…no needles here!  This one is from CVS .

How to apply topically, use 1/4 teaspoon on your face, hands, inner arms, neck thighs (your choice) for 21 days out of the month.

Following these steps, eat alkaline, get moving and using AIM Renewed Balance has help many of my students with “women” issues…
Such as:
• Reduce vaginal dryness and irritation
• Strengthen vaginal muscles to prevent urinary incontinence
• Improve bone density
• Decrease pain in intercourse

Order your jar of AIM Renewed Balance here

AIM Renewed Balance

Renewed balance just for the girls
Use topically on your face, inner arms or thighs or vaginally to experience better health as a woman!