AIM “Work Out Wine” – increase energy, speed up recovery

AIM “Work Out Wine” – increase energy, speed up recovery


Phil and I have been riding bikes now, pretty much every day, since the first of May.  I LOVE it!  I sleep better, I’m in a better mood, and my body just feels great!

It’s hot here in middle TN, today it’s in the 90s with high humidity; it’s important for us to hydrate well for our 12+ mile ride each morning.  We sweat, and I mean we SWEAT!  Love it!  I really do hate exercise, but I LOVE riding my bike and I really LOVE LOVE how I feel when I’m finished.

One thing we do to make sure we are well hydrated and have enough energy for our ride is to drink a glass of wine before we go…SCREECH…I don’t mean alcohol wine, I mean our “Work Out Wine”  hehe…


The term “Work Out Wine” was inspired by a group of my students who work out together.  Every day they showed up at the gym with a bottle full of CalciAim, Peak Endurance and RediBeet.   Their trainer teased them about bringing wine to their work out.  But they didn’t care, because it really made a difference!

Here’s why…
CalciAIM contains magnesium which helps to relax your muscles and eliminate pain during or after your workout.  Peak Endurance, wow, this stuff is a powerhouse!  It actually activates the energy factory in your cells, called Mitochondria.  There are tons of studies on how Peak Endurance increases energy and activates your muscles.  And then there is RediBeet.  RediBeet increases your nitric oxide levels, relaxing your blood vessels and carrying oxygen to your body and your brain…who doesn’t need more oxygen to the brain?

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