What Causes Colds & Flu and What to Do About It

Avoid Colds This Winter

What Causes Colds and Flu?  In his book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, Dr. Norman Walker, D.Sc., the father of juicing  recalls experiments in the 1940’s in England where doctors invited guests and paid them, to come and stay at their hospital so they could inoculate them with germs to “give them” the common cold.  The purpose?  To find a cure for the common cold by isolating the germ that caused it.  Dr. Walker gives this analogy for the “common” cold. Dr. Walker reports that even after several years and hundreds of patients, the “germ” was never isolated and very few people in their program caught a cold.

“Indeed there is not a germ in existence that can “cause” one to have a cold.  Think of it this way.  The electrical system in your home is equipped with fuses, right?  What happens when the electrical circuit is overheated because you have overloaded the line with too many lights and appliances?   Does a “germ” notify you that a fuse will blow out or that the overheating wires may burn down your home?  No indeed.  If the fuse fails to blow out the overloaded and overheated wires will start a fire.  This is what happens when you “catch” a cold.”

Dr. Walker goes on to explain that a “cold” is the result of a build up of toxic waste in the body.  The excessive mucous and sometimes fever are the body’s way of eliminating the toxins and warning you that you must take care of yourself.  There are only so many channels for that natural process of healing, elimination, the more toxic your body, the more channels you will experience.  Dr. Walker goes on to say that all this is the result of toxic back up from the colon; much like a backed up sink, everything comes back up.  Diarrhea, skin outbreaks, fevers, running nose, eyes, and ears and coughing.  Your body is going to put full effort to cleansing itself and all of it’s energy goes towards that cleansing so you are tired and want to sleep.  Toxins are being pulled from every imaginable place in your body so you are achy and painful and feverish as the body goes to work doing it’s only job….keeping you alive!

How Your Body Deals with Toxins.  Your body uses two primary mechanisms to deal with toxinsexcretion and inflammation.

Excretion:  Get it out – you’ve experienced this with runny nose, coughig, diarrhea, there is something foreign the body needs to expel.

Inflammation:  Surround it with fluid to protect the body until the body is able to excrete it.  Chronic inflammation, inflammation that does not go away, is extremely damaging to your body and is always a sign of toxicity.

What do we do in America?  We take drugs that stop the excretion and the inflammation, the natural healing process of the body, rather than giving the body what it needs to do it’s job, heal and repair itself.  According to Dr. Norman Walker, D.Sc. colds and flu are the body’s reaction to an overload of toxins.

Dr. Walker recommends drinking freshly extracted veggie and fruit juices on a daily basis, eating a diet of 75% raw veggies and fruits and avoiding refined sugar, refined carbohydrates and chemical laden processed foods.

Why would we follow the teachings of someone from the last century instead of the modern dictated regarding health and wellness?  Dr. Walker used Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices to help the body heal himself and thousands of people worldwide.  Millions of people have followed his work and lived disease free fruitful lives.  I’ll take a living testimonial over “double blind studies” any day.  Dr. Walker lived well into his hundreds, publishing his last scientific paper as a centurion.  You can read more about the power of juicing in his book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, NW Walker, D.Sc.

Are You Toxic?


You may be thinking, as I am, what about how the cold and flu gets passed around, even in our family or school?  Check out this article for a great explanation from modern science about how viruses work and are exchanged.  How Viruses Work from a scientific point of view, an easy read by Craig Fruedenrich, Ph.D., a science writer and post doctoral researcher from Duke University.

What I Do Know Is This:  Our clients and friends and thousands of people around the world who drink fresh or dehydrated juice on a daily basis and avoid toxic foods and toxic thoughts report they no longer get “colds” and the flu. In the last 7 years, Phil and I have had a cold once, after a 5-week road trip out to the West Coast during the holidays.  We did not keep up on our juice and ate more celebration food than normal and we both became sick on our return home.  7 years, one cold….by contrast, before I detoxed and began to eat the Wonderfully Well way, I was sick with bronchitis for months every year since the age of 15.

You may be thinking you don’t have the time, money, equipment or desire to make or drink fresh veggie and fruit juice.  Yes, making your own juice takes time and effort but how much time, effort and money do you and your family expend being sick?   What would you do with those personal days you waste sneezing and coughing if you felt fantastic?  What would you do with the hundreds of dollars spent on cough and cold medicine, doctors visits and Kleenex?  How does being needlessly sick prevent you from accomplishing the mission God has for you?

If making your own juice is unreasonable or impossible, AIM dehydrated juices are tasty and only take seconds to mix up and drink, AND they are actually a little less money than making fresh juice in your home and one-quarter the cost of buying juice from a market or juice bar.  At the very least use AIM BarleyLIfe, or BarleyLife Extra.

Enzyme and Antioxidant Rich Dehydrated Juice Powders

For best results we drink

  • Mix 1 teaspoon each, AIM BarleyLIfe and Reddy Beets in one shot, wait 20 minutes
  • Mix 1 teaspoon each, Just Carrots and CalciAIM in another shot

Wait 20 minutes before eating

Add some AimMega Omega 3 oil to enhance your body’s abilities to use the amazing nutrients in the dehydrated juices.

If you have sensitivity to Barley, Leaf Greens is a dehydrated greens juice, mix it with either CalciAIM or Reddy Beets.

Boost Your Immunity.  Veggie D is a great V-8 type juice that is high in Vitamin D to help boost your immune system.

What if you DO get the flu or a cold?  Our book, Wonderfully Well has several highly effective juice and soup recipes for combating colds or flu.

Healing Juices are found on pages 155-156

Healing Soups are on pages 214 and 215.

Purchase the ebook version to download immediately or a hard back copy on our website, The Wellness Workshop.