April 2012

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April 2012

We have had many calls and e-mails over the past few weeks concerning Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. We have used the following formula with a lot of success. You can also go to www.info2share.com and type in any problem and see many testimonials from AIM member’s regarding that problem. If you have a testimony to share you can add yours to it. It is really simple, even I could do it.
If you share your testimony with us so we can share it with other members of our down-line we will send you our books Cleansing the Body & the Colon and Candida the Slow Killer for FREE. They are available for $7.00 each including shipping. We always have a special on the books for Convention. You can purchase them for $2.50 each when you order 10 books, plus the shipping. This is a great way to share Herbal Fiberblend with
those you care about.

Here is the formula for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s

Many suffer from less than normal digestive tracts. They have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, ulcers, acid reflux or any conditions where the intestines are very sensitive or irritated. With these conditions, it is very important to take AIM Composure™ with Herbal Fiberblend™ and BarleyLife™.
Along the exterior of the large intestine is the autonomic nerve. This nerve regulates the body’s automatic
or involuntary functions such as heart beat, contractions of the stomach and intestines. Adding AIM Composure™ to Herbal Fiberblend™ keeps that nerve calm and allows the body to heal more quickly. If there is constant agitation in the system the body cannot concentrate on healing.
With the above mentioned conditions you will find a very acid ph. By taking BarleyLife™ with Herbal Fiberblend™ and AIM Composure™ you will help to neutralize the acid in the intestines.
We have had great success with this formula. If you find the Herbal Fiberblend™ seems to be a little too
irritating to your system, try it with BarleyLife™ and AIM Composure™.
We recommend starting with 1 tsp. Herbal Fiberblend™, 1 tsp. BarleyLife™, and 2 AIM Composure™
(Open capsules into mixture). Put in water or juice and take 3-4 times a day. When things are working normally, you may increase the Herbal Fiberblend™ to the amount recommended for your weight.
AIM does not recommend taking BarleyLife™ and Herbal Fiberblend™ together because BarleyLife™ must then go through the digestive process. To remedy that situation, take BarleyLife™ alone at other times during the day.

**Diabetics also find taking Herbal Fiberblend™ and BarleyLife™ together balances out their insulin levels and they are able to reduce the amount of insulin taken.

Cascara Sagrada is an herb which increases secretions of the liver(bile), stomach, pancreas and lower bowel, promoting
peristaltic bowel action. It tones the rest of the body as well as the intestines. It regulates the colon and is not habit
forming. For most people when bowels are sluggish taking one or two capsules (opened) into Herbal Fiberblend™ with your last serving of Herbal Fiberblend™ for the day will help to eliminate sluggish bowels. Cut back then discontinue use after bowels are moving normally.
Cascara Sagrada is an herb that should be kept in your herb cabinet to alleviate occasional sluggish movements.

Elvis Presley died of a heart attack while trying to have a bowel movement!
How could this be?
Straining to have a bowel movement stimulates the 10th Cranial Vagus Nerve. The Vagus Nerve is the body’s decelerator. It slows the heart rate and the respiration rate. Blood pressure drops. You cannot breathe and strain.
If you have to strain too hard on the toilet, you may just drop dead.
I am thankful my mother has taken such good care of herself and been very conscious about her health.
As you may know she has atrial fibrillation and has taken care of it without drugs for years. She has taken Vitamin E since 1965 and since being involved with AIM and Nature’s Sunshine she has taken herbs and supplements that not only have helped her to be healthier, but has supported her heart. Her sister, who we will
see in a couple of weeks, has a pace maker and found out her breast cancer has returned. She will not do anything unless the doctor tells her to do it. Now she will undergo chemo and radiation ,again. This really hurts my mother but when someone doesn’t understand how natural things can prevent problems, you are speaking to deaf ears. Her brother passed away last year, he had a pacemaker as well as multiple health problems. He returned all the herbs my mother sold him years ago. Didn’t want to have anything to do with that stuff. Some of you may be able to relate to this. Family is the hardest to convince.
My mother is the oldest and will be 87 years old in May. I am thankful she has taken such good care of herself over the years because now, when her siblings are dying and have multiple health problems she lives a fruitful and active life. This is also good for us as her children because we can enjoy our time with her knowing she has an alert mind and usually can keep up with us. I forget she is 22 years older than me and sometimes run her ragged, then wonder why she is tired.

I registered for Dr. John Shufelt’s webinar the past 2 weeks and really enjoyed it. He had great information about the AIM products. He showed a chart that compared BarleyLife to the BarleyGreen that came from Japan. Finally comparing the quality of our own product then and now. BarleyLife was so much higher
nutritionally in many areas. I recommend you go to the www.barleylife.com and look in the archives and watch
some of these webinars. They are full of information.
We ordered AIM’s new blender shaker. It is wonderful. I recommend it over the hand blender. It is good for any thing you can shake and not have to blend like fruit. A couple of shakes and my BarleLife or Herbal Fiberblend is all mixed up. I use it for the ProPeas too. It is $7.00 but well worth the price.
The best insurance policy you can have is a quality lifestyle.
We are excited to be going to convention the 21st of April. We wish we could take everyone with us. I love the cruise experience. It is so much more relaxed and casual. Hope to have some good information to share when we return.
Watch for your April issue of the AIM Magazine in your April order. AIM did a really nice article on Teresa.

Love and Blessings,
Teresa and Toni


Dear Teresa,
I must write and tell you how much I enjoyed your seminar last Saturday. I am so glad I was there. You’re a
blessed woman. You have helped so many people and now you are helping me.
When the doctor diagnosed me as having colitis and told me what kind of a diet I would have the go on for the rest of my life. I could hardly believe it. No roughage, no fiber, no whole wheat, no fresh fruit or vegetables and the exact opposite of what I knew was healthy. He said, “We don’t know what causes it, and there isn’t a cure, you just have to learn to control it.”
But now I am on the road to complete recovery and will be healthier than I’ve been for years, thanks to you and
Herbal Fiberblend and the other good things you gave me to take to cleanse my body. I can feel a difference already and am amazed at what I expel.
I am grateful to my dear friend Phyllis, also, for introducing me to you and telling me about your wonderful program.
May god bless you for all the good you have done and are doing.
M. Carter

Hello Teresa and Toni,
I guess it has been a long time since I have seen both of you. I hope you are all doing well.
I have been meaning to write to you since I received the newsletter. I read this when I received it, of course it
has so much information it. I have used it to help others.
I always mention you Teresa, because people always ask me how do I know so much about nutrition and I always tell them the story about going to talk to you about my children. They always had ear infections, so our family were guinea pigs for you in the formulation of Herbal Fiberblend . Of course we continue to take Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife. My brother has used these products since I started and he said he cannot live without it.
In one of your recent newsletters you talked about removing gall stones. My sister was complaining about pain she was having, so we put her on the gallstone cleanse and she passed several stones and she has no more pain. And best of all she didn’t need surgery!
Jerry and I have 5 grandchildren now and expecting another in May. We have been very blessed.
Thank you,
Christine Sanchez.

Dear Ms. Lund,
Living with constipation has actually wrecked my like. I hesitate to go anywhere because I know how much I
will suffer with this miserable situation.
I am glad I called you because a nutritionist advised me to go off Herbal Fiberblend . She said it was habit
forming and that eventually it would take its toll on me.
After trying it her way by not taking anything, but drinking lots of water, and not having any success, I resorted
to trying everything that everyone else was taking. Out of desperation, I decided to go back to Herbal Fiberblend , and I am glad I did, because after taking it last night, I must say that today I finally feel like myself again.
Again, many thanks,
Margaret Jodice

Please continue sending your newsletter. I have never sold AIM. I guess I am afraid to try. This Spring I am
opening a gym and maybe then I will try. I do give AIM BarleyLife to friends, some are very sick with cancer.
At 56 years old, I’m very fit and so is my 52 year old wife. People often say how lucky we are. I thank them
and try to tell them about AIM products which I live on especially in my career as an airline pilot. But they
don’t listen and think my wife and I are crazy. They are the ones getting the heart bypass surgery.
I do have one unusual and true story. This summer, one of my wife’s favorite cats drank some anti-freeze from
my truck when my radiator broke. The cat was very ill and my wife was very upset. My wife fed our cat, Pepe,
BarleyLife and he lived!! All the online research said the cat should have died but BarleyLife saved him.
Which BarleyLife? Xtra!
Thank You,
Geoff and Sevim J.

No jetlag My Husband and I flew to Germany last fall.(04)Two days before our flight, we started taking 3 Proancynol
every 3 hours in our waking hours. During the flight we took the product the whole time, every 3 hours. I figured we were
awake about 32 hours. We arrived with NO jet lag, feeling fresh and ready to visit. Angie Olson – Mn. USA – 11-18-2004

eyes improve Hey! When I follow the protocol for Proancynol when I travel, my eyes improve so much that my contacts
are too strong and I don’t need my reading glasses. I’m about legally blind without my contacts. I’ve often wondered what
would happen if I continued taking that amount of Proancynol indefinitely. My eyes do return to their poorer vision in
about a week’s time after I reduce the Proancynol down to 2-4 per day.
Sandy Combs – Florida – 04-08-2004

Hi Toni,
I am having some health issues and I very much look forward to your newsletters to see how others are doing. I glean
from them and learn how to handle my husbands and my own health issues.
We started taking Herbal Fiberblend in 1997. I had some dramatic results back then (worms, etc.), but things have gotten
a little slow in the cleansing issues. It has become a little expensive to take the products and we went to the maintenance
phase before we should have, I guess. Nothing compare to the AIM products. We have, mostly used almost all of them.
The BarleyLife has practically and literally, kept us alive.
The nutrition in our food supply is not very good, as you know, and we need to supplement with your products. We
recently stopped drinking any alcohol and as remarkable a feat as that is…we still can’t seem to get the nutrition right.
We were both feeling the alcohol’s effects with poly-neuropathy. My feet and legs were numb or have shooting pain. I
have hurt myself because of the numbness. I am sixty-five and my husband is fifty-three. We feel a lot better not
drinking alcohol, which we are sure was poisoning us, but even though we use the AIM products we can’t seem to get the
health feelings we want. We are both tired a lot of the time. We work hard at our jobs. I had to retire in May due to this
constant pain and numbness with poly-neuropathy. We take a B vitamin as our only medicine. We are not on any
prescribed medicines and our general health is good. I am not sure that poly-neuropathy is all that is wrong. I am pretty
sure Candida is the culprit too.
I am following the advice in this last issue of your newsletter and taking some dramatic amounts of Herbal Fiberblend.
Do you think we need to take colonics too? We have a colema board and I have used it from time to time. I would love
to hear from you. I know you are busy and I have never contacted you before, but we want to ease into old age feeling
better than we do now.
Robert and Kathleen Langdon.

Dear Teresa and Toni,
As customary, I learned a lot and laughed a lot at your workshop in Vancouver. “Lessons learned with laughter
are not forgotten”.
You requested we send our success stories, but first let me explain why I was drawn to Herbal Fiberblend™. My
name is Roberta Crapper, that’s correct, C-R-A-P-P-E-R! I bill myself as a Waste Management Consultant. Had you
married a relative of the inventor of the flush toilet, can you imagine the world-wide attention??
But back to the reason I’m writing. A young woman, 28 or 30 years old, mother of one child, came to me
because of constipation following a hysterectomy that was meant to alleviate a constant stomachache, but didn’t. She
returned several weeks after starting Herbal Fiberblend™ to report passing a baseball of string. I immediately hit the
books and learned tapeworms will roll up in a ball under the liver and cause excruciating pain.
The good news and the bad news ~ no more pain, and no second child she so dearly wanted.

Yours truly
Roberta Crapper, Meaford, ON, Canada

CHEMICAL IMBALANCE About 15 years ago I had an operation for the removal of diseased ovaries. I was fortunate
in that my surgeon was conservative and left everything else. However because of my ignorance of health I continued in
my previous lifestyle and deteriorated mentally and physically. I was treated for 10 to 15 years for a chemical imbalance
with drugs of all kinds. This did not keep me from at least one nervous breakdown a year. My physical and mental health
continued to deteriorate. Finally I knew that if I didn’t get away from the medical system I would die. I was so weak I
would practically crawl up the steps and my symptoms were so many, I will not numerate them. I had been following all
the health rules for 3 years, when I was introduced to Herbal Fiberblend. Everything was improving health wise at that
time, except for my bowels. Parasites were coming from my head and even out from my underarms. What I experienced
from taking Herbal Fiberblend was incredible. I passed polyps, 2 pulsating masses and gallons of black fecal matter with
worms, being bloody at times. I was told that I would never recover without drugs. (name withheld)
Submitted by Irv Goertzen – Ontario, Canada – 12-20-2003

No more dry skin AIMega™™, an organic seed oil blend containing the essential fatty acids your body needs for the
maintenance of good health, is a new addition to the AIM product line. Since essential fatty acids are necessary for the
maintenance of healthy skin I thought I would try it since I had problems with dry and scaly skin. In less than one month
of taking AIMega, the health of my skin improved to the point where the symptoms of dryness and scales disappeared. I
love this product! Dave Taylor – Idaho – 10-20-2006