February 2012

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February 2012

We had one of our retail customers come to pick up Herbal Fiberblend and wanted to know if we knew of a
book, like an automobile owner’s manual, that would tell you what you need to do at each stage of your life. I mentioned this to my son Kevin who is a mechanic. He made a very profound observation. “Most people wait until they have a problem with their car then bring it in for a fix, complain about the price and all that had to be done to bring it back to good running order. If they would just maintain the car with regular oil changes and keeping the filters changed, and do the routine things like the timing belt that need replacing after so many miles, the car would give them good service for many years.” So it is with our body. If we would eat healthy and have a
healthy lifestyle using supplements such as Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife to keep our bodies healthy, do an occasional cleanse and a yearly liver and gallbladder cleanse we would live well and be healthy.
I sat next to a lady in church that was my mother’s age. I couldn’t help but notice that her hands were very
wrinkled and the veins stood up on her hands. I have to admit that at 86 years old, my mother looks great. She has no wrinkles and her skin is very elastic. Thanks to my mother I can say that health has been a priority all of my adult life. I learned early on that we needed to supplement because no matter how well we ate, we could not get all we needed from the foods. In 1984 we were introduced to AIM and green barley juice and found it to be the best way to supplement because it was a liquid that was absorbed quickly, not a tablet or pill that had to be broken
down by the digestive system. I rarely miss a day when I don’t take Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife and I really believe that is the reason we are so healthy. We believe in being pro-active in preventing disease by doing what we can NOW! I believe most people do not worry about their health until there is a problem then want a quick fix.

Have a health goal: “To die Healthy”! What is your health goal? I have three great grand-children. They are my love, my pride, my joy and I would like to be able to live life to the fullest while I have time to spend with them. I am in my mid 60’s and consider myself fairly healthy. I know many other people that are that healthy in their 60’s. How did they get there? I don’t believe it was by accident, I believe they made a conscience choice, as I have, to be healthy. Health has a price. It comes with self restraint and determination. It is possible to live a healthy life as easily as a destructive one.
Our bodies are born with an innate intelligence that keeps us healthy. We breathe, our heart beats and our
body repairs itself without any input from our conscience intelligence. You can imagine how miserable life would
be if we had to tell ourselves to breathe. But what happens if something interferes with our innate intelligence and
our body stops regulating it properly?
When our body’s stop being energetic; we go to the doctor and we are told, “You’re getting older, get used
to it”. As a society we accept it. Why do we have the downward spiral in health? Is it what we give our body to repair itself? Is it the genuine replacement parts our body needs as well as the fuel it uses to burn?
Royal Lee, a scientist and dentist made a very profound statement June 1943, “We have drifted into this deplorable position of malnutrition quite inadvertently…it is the result of scientific research with the objective of finding the best ways to create non-perishable foods that can be made by mass production methods in central factories,…and distributed so cheaply that they can sweep all local competition from the market. Modern advertising steps in to propagandize the people into believing that there is nothing wrong with them. Then the
confused public continues to blindly buy the rubbish that is killing them years ahead of their time. The American
people have been humbugged into digging their graves with their own teeth!”
We have now entered into the 5th generation of American people eating the American diet. Our nation as a
whole was ranked 37th, many years ago, almost the lowest in health. I am sure the ranking is much worse today.
Yet we spend the most per capita for health care. Is it health care or sick care? What if we all had a health plan
that kept us well? How much are you willing to pay for true health?
So I ask, what are your health goals for yourself? For the ones you love? Health is not cheap, but when compared to sickness, it pays to do what you can as you go along, and the sooner the better. Just ask a sick person and see if he/she wishes they had better dietary and nutritional habits when they were younger. Something to consider NOW before it’s too late.
AIM has an array of wonderful one of a kind health products to keep you healthy. You can be assured that
AIM has the best quality products on the market. Some of the more popular AIM products include:
AIMega – An organic seed oil blend delivers an important source of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, plus
omega 9. EFA’s are necessary for cell growth, activity, and repair.
BarleyLife – an all-natural, green barley juice powder that provides the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for good health and is abundant in enzymes, essential amino acids, and rich in antioxidant ability, anti-inflammatory activity, and immune system support. Helps maintain correct pH levels in the body.
BarleyLifeXtra – all the benefits of BarleyLife with 18 additional fruit and vegetable powders for 34 percent of your RDI of vitamin C per serving and a sweet taste. Helps maintain correct pH levels in the body.
Bear Paw Garlic – a unique wild alpine garlic made from the leaf, helps lower cholesterol and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
Cascara Sagrada – for those who suffer with occasional constipation. Cascara Sagrada can produce a mild, gentle effect and is recognized as a safe, natural alternative to harsh alternatives.
Cellsparc 360 – combines CoQ10 with tocotrienols and fish oil to provide total cardiovascular support. Provides potent antioxidant capabilities, and the tocotrienols and fish oil help maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Composure – a combination of relaxing herbs, helps to maintain your neuro health, especially in regard to dealing
efficiently with stress.
FloraFood – a powerful combination of three friendly bacteria – Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifdobacterium bifdum, and Bifdobacterium longum. Helps maintain the healthy balance integral to good health.
Herbal Fiberblend – a combination of soluble and insoluble psyllium fiber and cleansing herbs, helps maintain bowel regularity, provides dietary fiber, and leads to detoxification.
Just Carrots – a carrot juice powder concentrate that contains important nutrients such as alpha- and betacarotine, bitamins B and C, calcium, iron, and potassium.
LeafGreens – an ultra-cold filtration combining barley, bean, pea, and spinach leaf concentrates with broccoli sprouts to provide a daily serving of whole food nutrition. Contains the phytochemicals quercetin, kaempferol, and
sulforaphane which can contribute to cardio health.
Para 90 – a unique combination of herbs, helps maintain a parasite-free body.
PrepZymes – a combination of digestive enzymes, to help our bodies break down foods so we get more nutrients per meal. This also helps eliminate autotoxicity, a result of undigested food remaining in the body.
Proancynol 2000 – a combination of green tea, grape seed extract, alphalipoic acid, and other powerful antioxidants, to help fight free radicals and maintain a healthy immune system. Free radicals have been linked to
more than 80 diseases, many resulting from a weakened immune system.
RediBeets – a beet juice powder concentrate with only the fiber removed, contains essential enzymes along with the natural form of betaine, which aids in cleansing the liver and reducing homocysteine levels.

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We have wonderful products at out fingertips and so many people who are suffering and could use our help. You don’t know how to approach them, well just give them one of our books Cleansing the Body and the Colon or Candida the Slow Killer. Let the books do the work for you. Be sure you have them get back to you after they read the books so you can order the products for them. Everyone needs the AIM products, they just don’t know it yet! You can be the one to show them the way. Wouldn’t you like to know you were the one to help your friend or neighbor when they were having a problem or maybe just help them to get on a good nutritional track so they can remain healthy?
I have several children who are runners and cyclists. They find taking BarleyLife or LeafGreens help them
to recover more quickly after a run or ride. We have several people using those products before running the St. George marathon in October. They use it throughout their training. Healthy Cells is what it is all about. You need to find the best way for you to get them healthy and keep them that way.

A couple of e-mails from our down-line: Free books to L. Lawson, Wanda Snell and Steven Braunstein for sharing with us this month. Share your story and receive our two books FREE!

Toni, just thanking you for your concern for my welfare during my illness. It is very rare to find someone who is truly concerned about you nowadays.
The fact that you would take the time to call me! I will be forever grateful.
I just wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated because with an illness like this you sort of loose you balance when it comes to thinking so you start reaching for “everything” and not getting “anything” that is getting the relief that is needed. I thank you for your suggestions so that I can get back on track.
I will be ordering Barley Life along with Composer and Para90 right away. Again thank you so much.
L. Lawson

Dear Toni:
Just now reading “all” of your newsletter and as always, so informative. Thank you so much for printing Bill F’s letter regarding the liver cleanse. I take maxalt for migraines and really need to detox the liver since this medication can be toxic to the liver. Now I know how to do that and it sounds so easy.
I’m definitely interested in the alkaline, ionized water so will be talking with you about it in the near future.
Thanks for sharing info on cow’s milk. So many people do not know it’s effects on our health. I personally have not drank it for over ten years after doing my research.
I hope 2012 will be a healthy, happy and successful year for you and your Family!! Relax and enjoy your trips in March and April!!! They both sound exciting and informative.
May God Bless You!
Wanda Snell

To Your Good Health,
Teresa and Toni

“Your real purpose in life is to develop yourself. To successively do this you must always be working toward a goal.” Bob Proctor
Your goal should be out of reach, but not out of sight.” Anita DeFrantz – Olympic Rower

Steven contacted my mother in 2007 with severe pain due to ulcerative colitis. He has written several times with his update. Here are a few of his letters.

December 2008
Dear Teresa,
I want to thank you for all of your help. I first called in December 2007.
I was told I had ulcerative colitis in November 2000. Before I called you, I had many flare-ups, blood transfusions,
and stays in the hospital. I’ve been on steroids since September 2004 and have not been able to get off them. The doctors also wanted to remove my colon.
You started me with BarleyLife, Slippery Elm, Composure, Aloe Vera, Colloidal Minerals, and Liquid Chlorophyl, three times a day for three months. Then you started me slowly on with Herbal Fiberblend . You also told me where I needed to change my diet and to exercise.
In February 2008, I was on 60 mg. Of prednisone and now I am down to 2.5 mg a day. Two of my other medicines, the doses have been lowered and I’m off two others. I recently had a blood test done and my test came back normal.
Thank you again for all of your help. I’ll continue to keep in contact with you on my progress. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Steven Braunstein

April 2009
Dear Teresa,
You have been helping me with ulcerative colitis for over a year now. I was doing well. In January I was
cheating on my diet. I kept getting an impression to stop cheating. I was eating a lot of cookies and cakes and I
ignored these impressions. I knew I should have eaten better and I didn’t. Then the weekend of the Super Bowl and the weekend before, I allowed myself to get severely stressed out and I also strained myself physically lifting. Due to the stress and bad eating I experienced a flare-up where I had bleeding when I go to the bathroom.
I called you in February and told you my situation. You told me to stop the Herbal Fiberblend to allow my body to heal and take the following in 8 oz. of water, 3 times a day:
2 TBS. Chlorophyll, 2 TBS. Colliodal minerals, 2 TBS. Aloe Vera, 1 tsp. Slippery Elm, 2 Composure (opened),
BarleyLife and a little Cayenne pepper.
I was also to take in a little bit of water 1TBS. Chlorophyll and 2 Composure (opened) before I went to bed.
You said it would take some time to heal and to call you back. The last I called, about the last weekend in March,
the bleeding was about 95% healed. You decreased the amount of Composure I was taking and put me back on Herbal Fiberblend (½ tsp. To start)
It is almost Easter now. The bleeding has completely stopped. Thank you once again Teresa for all your
help and have a wonderful Easter.
Steven Braunstein

December 20, 2011
Dear Teresa
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I apologize for not writing in so long. I want to thank you for the
help you have given me. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and put on a lot of medicine. I called you in
December 2007 and you instructed me on what to take and also to exercise and to eat better. I wanted to let you
know that I am off all of my medications, especially the steroids. I still have more improvement to make but I am
well. I hope you and your family are doing well and thank you again.
God Bless,
Steven Braunstein