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July 2012

What’s new at AIM??
Have you been to the website lately? They have a lot to offer with many downloads of product data sheets.
I find these helpful when I have a new customer and they want more information on a product or the compensation
plan. There are the teleclasses and webinars. If you don’t have the time to attend when they are offered, then you
can listen or watch at your convenience. There are the videos and CD’s available. And I am really excited about
the AIM Academy. I cannot believe they are offering it at no charge. I see that there are several that have finished
the course already. It is a comprehensive way to learn about the AIM product, the body systems and the products
that support these systems. and of course, there is information about sponsoring and the compensation plan. After
mentioning it in my last newsletter I have heard from a couple of you who will be taking the course. It’s not just for
those wanting to do the business. It is for anyone wanting to know more about the products you are taking or want
to take. Each month, AIM holds a webinar to explain the benefits of AIM membership and the tools provided to Members. You’re invited!
Register at the AIM website
The “Welcome to AIM” new Member webinar takes place on Tuesday, June 12, at 6:30 p.m. MT. Regional Meeting and Training Director Keith Duff will present information about who AIM is, what we do, and how to best maximize the benefits of a new AIM membership. Don’t let the new member scare you away. As always THESE ARE FOR EVERYONE
Save money, earn money with an AMR
The best way to save on your monthly order is to create an Automatic Monthly Reorder. AMRs of $50.00 and more receive a five percent savings. AMRs of $125.00 and more receive a 10 percent savings.
BarleyGreen, now BarleyLife has been part of our daily nutritional diet for over 27 years. I feel confident that is the
reason that my family enjoys the good health we do. We do not get the flu and very seldom do we have the sniffles.
Twenty – seven years ago when we were introduced to Barley juice from AIM, my two youngest, ages two and six months, suffered from asthma. We were able to control the asthma attacks with Lobelia when they had an attack, but that did not eliminate the attacks. After taking them off dairy products (there was more nutrition in the barley juice) and having them take up to 4 teaspoons of barley juice daily in apple juice, twenty – seven years later, they have never had another asthma attack.
I will put BarleyLife, Peak Endurance or JustCarrots in my water bottle and take it with me as I run my errands.
Now with the new sample packets of the AIM products we can carry them with us wherever we go, just open and add to the water bottle. No mess.
Remember if you go to you can read testimonials of others who have benefitted from the AIM products.
We have available Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You and also Candida the Slow Killer by Teresa Schumacher and Toni Lund. Cost for one is $5.00 and $2.00 for shipping. Ten books are $2.00 and $7.00 shipping (SPECIAL for to those reading this newsletter only). Both books are available by
calling 435-673-3855. These are great educational materials to share with family and friends.

My husband was a chiropractor practicing in Idaho for many years. He had a patient who worked for the city of Ogden, Utah in the sewer treatment plant. Everyday he would skim off 2 – 55 barrel drums of undissolved herb capsules, vitamins and drugs, some with the lettering still visible. There are a lot of companies offering capsulated herbs and compressed tablets, but I appreciate AIM offering powders that are dissolved and assimilated quickly to utilize the quality nutrition offered with AIM products.
The Foundation of Good Health is Whole Body Health
Although we often compartmentalize our body systems – my immune system is strong, my digestive system works well –
they work together; and to live well, we must realize this interdependence. If our body systems are not in balance, we risk
losing our health. Whole body health is keeping all body systems in balance – it is the foundation of good health. The result
is total wellness: every day you wake up feeling great!
To help you build a strong foundation to your health and achieve whole body health, AIM has one-of-a-kind Whole Body
Health Products.
AIM Herbal Fiberblend™
AIM Herbal Fiberblend™ is detoxification made simple. Detoxification is the process of flushing toxins out of the body.
When you do this, you will experience increased energy and well-being, and prepare the body to readily accept fresh,
wholesome nutrition. AIM Herbal Fiberblend™ contains the soluble fiber psyllium and a combination of cleansing herbs for
effective and easy detoxification.
The AIM Dynamic Duo
Aim Herbal Fiberblend™ and AIM BarleyLife™ are known as the “Dynamic Duo.” There one-two punch of detoxification
and nutritional rebuilding lays the foundation for good health.
The AIM Garden Trio
The AIM Garden Trio was created from the simple yet powerful idea of plant-based nutritional delivery systems – using
plants as natural vehicles to provide the body with concentrated nutrients. Each of these three products is beneficial in itself,
and when you take them together, you receive a wide spectrum of natural nutrients and phytochemicals in natural proportions
– as nature intended. The AIM Garden Trio is the ideal way to build your health foundation.
AIM BarleyLife™
AIM BarleyLife™ captures the nutritional profile of young barley leaves in a powdered, concentrated form. AIM
BarleyLife™ also contains a wide spectrum of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. AIM BarleyLife™ also contains significant
amounts of amino acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, and alkalizing substances. It is the ideal food to replenish your body.
Drinking AIM BarleyLife™ is like getting a salad in a glass.
AIM Just Carrots
AIM Just Carrots gives you the fresh, healthy taste of carrot juice in a convenient powder form. One serving of AIM Just
Carrots provides you with 360 percent if the Daily Value for beta carotene, plus other vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals
found in raw carrots. You’ll find AIM Just Carrots a great way to maintain whole body health through the benefits of carrots!
AIM RediBeets
Beet juice is considered an essential part of any nutritional juicing program. Beets contain a wealth of nutrients and
important phytochemicals. AIM RediBeets is 100 percent beet juice powder and provides you with the benefits of red beet
juice without the time and expense of juicing. Great for maintaining overall health!
AIM Cell Wellness Restorer
AIM Cell Wellness Restorer is desalinated seawater that has undergone special processing to concentrate minerals that are
essential for the functioning of body cells. Preliminary research indicates that it supports both magnesium and DHEA levels.
The experiences of thousands of AIM Members with AIM Cell Wellness Restorer indicate that it provides a wide range of
The AIM Companies
The AIM Companies is the pioneer of plant-based nutritional delivery systems. For over 30 years, hundreds of thousands of
users have spoken to the difference that AIM’s plant-based products have made in their lives. We are committed to using the
plant world to deliver high-quality nutrition and will continue to lead the world in plant-based nutrition.
AIM Whole Body Health products are designed to provide the nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your
good health.
The above information was from an AIM brochure The Foundation of Good Health 2001