A Second Chance at Life

April 15, 2010

Dear Teresa,

Nine months ago I left the hospital, supposedly to die. My sarcoidosis was taking it’s toll again and my lungs were severely affected with only 60% working. I had been slowly losing them since 2000, and the pulmonary doctor said that once they are gone, I will never get them back. I struggled to breathe and was not strong enough to do anything for myself. My voice was weak and my health was gone. I weighed 203 pounds and no matter what I tried in the past, the weight would not come off. I no longer cared about my weight. I just wanted to become healthy, my mind did not function well and I often felt like I was outside my body with no control over my
actions. I also had panic attacks. I don’t drink, use tobacco, or do drugs, except when prescribed, but in the last two years I had taken thousands of dollars worth of medicine that the doctors wanted me to ‘TRY’… still no help, and I was having horrible reactions to them.
The last week in July 2009, I was sitting in my power chair in the kitchen and was so desperate that I said, “Lord, if you don’t help me I’m going to die. I believe you still have work you want me to do, and I have several things to finish, but you have to help me.” A voice in my head said get your book, Candida the Slow Killer. I reached down right where I was sitting, to my cookbooks and pulled out my very old book on Candida.
Immediately I went to the phone and called the number in the book and asked to speak with Teresa. The kind man who answered said, “she doesn’t have this number anymore but I will
give you her new one.”
Well, I called and after listening, you said, “I believe God wants me to help you but you must promise to do exactly as I say.” I promised I would, and you proceeded to set me up with your fantastic herbal program, sent me my first products and made me promise to call you on a regular basis to let you know how I was doing.
I started my new herbal program the first day of August 2009. After one week I was feeling a little better. After three weeks I realized I was losing weight. I checked and had lost about nineteen pounds. After three months I had lost down to 175 pounds. Now I weigh 160 pounds and I feel great.
I had another breathing test about a month ago. The doctor came in and said, “Well, I don’t know what to say. I expected that your lungs would be at least at 60%, or even less, but your lungs are functioning at 80%! I’ve never seen this happen before, but whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it!”
Well, Teresa, I have finished my 65,800 word novel and it has been sent to some publishers. After all I’ve been through, I will have no problem receiving pink slips until one of them decides to publish it.
Also, I am slowly getting back into my ‘Chalk Talk’ ministry. My thinking process is better than it has been in many years, and all my friends and family are very excited for me. I give God all
the credit, as I know it was He who directed me to you. Thank you, Teresa, for allowing God to work through you in such a powerful way. I will always be grateful to each of you.

Your friend,
T.Marie Smith