Herbal fiberblend and garden trio for optimal health

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If we want optimal health our cells need wastes removed.  Then we must give them the much needed high quality nutrition. You may want to read the following story about how AIM’s Herbal fiberblend and also the Garden Trio were very helpful for someone in their quest for health.

Detoxification is the key to vibrant health

From: AIM Article Archives
February 2011

By AIM Chairman’s Club Director
Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., Stony Brook, New York

We all seek health, since “health is more important than wealth.” One of the key elements to our health is removing toxins and wastes from the body. This so-called detoxification is essential to vibrant health.

Carol Ann Roberts suffered chronic pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis since 1981. In recent years, her condition got worse, and two years ago a spinal MRI showed that she also developed spinal stenosis – a narrowing of the spine, which can cause cramping, pain, or numbness in the legs, back, neck, shoulders, or arms.

While taking my “Healthy Weight for Life” course, she impressed me weekly with her new improvements. The way she was able to remove her chronic pain was following the nutrition program and taking the AIM supplements. She has reaped the benefits of whole food nutrition from taking AIM Garden Trio® daily, because Garden Trio is loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. And AIM BarleyLife® has two other important substances, chlorophyll and enzymes, which have been found to be potent anti-inflammatory agents.

Carol Ann kept telling me what a difference AIM Herbal Fiberblend® made in her, which led her to realize that the root cause of her multiple health conditions originated from constipation. I could not agree with her more; when she started using Herbal Fiberblend regularly, she noticed the difference. Herbal Fiberblend helped her cleanse toxic buildup from years and years of accumulation. As a result of detoxification, her 29 years of chronic pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis subsided, and her energy resumed.

The combination of Herbal Fiberblend and AIM fit ’n fiber® makes cleansing the body a convenient and easy task for Carol Ann and for anyone who needs a thorough detoxification. Don’t wait until you are sick; just keep up the body cleansing routine.

used with permission by AIM Incorporated, Inc.

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