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Optimal health and diet

Do you want optimal health? The following recipe will provide lots of nutrients for your body and it is delicious! Garden Trio power drink recipe 1-cup Tomato Juice 1-cup pure water 1 or 2 Tablespoons AIM’s BarleyLife™ powder 1-Tablespoon AIM’s Just Carrots™ powder 1-Teaspoon AIM’s RediBeets powder 2 capsules AIM’s Bear Paw Garlic™ (empty in […]

Optimal health and weight maintenance

Do you want some ideas to help with weight maintenance? If so you may want to read the following article. Lose Weight While Dining Out From: AIM Article Archives February 2011 Top five healthy ordering tips you haven’t already heard I actually like to prepare all of my meals at home. I like to eat […]

How are probiotics helpful?

Another way to have optimal health is to take probiotics. You may want to read the following article to learn more. Bacteria for Breakfast From: AIM Article Archives April 2011 By Tracey Karele – AIM Nutritionist The notion of consuming live bacteria may be a little hard for some people to swallow. Traditionally, we are […]

Optimal health and dietary fiber

One of the things that contribute to optimal health is having dietary fiber each day. Many disorders are related to an unhealthy colon. We need to get rid of waste out of our colon. Our health benefits when we have dietary fiber. Also, fiber can help with blood sugar levels since sugar is absorbed more […]

Herbal fiberblend and garden trio for optimal health

If we want optimal health our cells need wastes removed.  Then we must give them the much needed high quality nutrition. You may want to read the following story about how AIM’s Herbal fiberblend and also the Garden Trio were very helpful for someone in their quest for health. Detoxification is the key to vibrant […]

Welcome to Way to Optimal Health

Do you want to live with optimal health and vitality?   In order to do that one of the things we need to do is feed our body with high quality nutrients.  When we feed our body fresh fruits and vegetables every day that is one way we can give our cells nutrients they need to function […]