Welcome to MyAIMStore 3.0

We’ve spent a lot of time to bring you the best theme that combines a fresh new look with plenty of options, and is easy to use. As a Member and part of the AIM team, we want you to have all the tools to build your own AIM community. Having a website that tells your story is a huge part of that – so we hope you’ll take the time to customize your website and make it truly your own.
Out of the box, we’ve set up the site to load fast and look good on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. We’ve included default content and images that’ll give you a great start. All the features and how to use them are detailed below, including the ability to update the content throughout your site, pull in video and tweets, hook in with your MailChimp mailing list and more.

Getting Started

After we set up your My AIM Store (MAS) website, we’ll send you an email with your login information. Login at www.myaimstore.com/wp-login.php with the login credentials from that email. After you login, you’ll see your website dashboard. Let’s give you a quick introduction and go into more detail later in this documentation.

  •  Dashboard: The dashboard will give you some information but you can mainly ignore it.
  • SiteDocs: Click here to view this documentation at any time.
  • Posts: If you’d like to write your own blog instead of using theBarleyLifeBlog, you can manage those blog posts here.
  • Media: You can manage all images and documents for your site here.
  • Pages: These are your website pages. We gave you starting pages but you can add or remove as wanted.
  • Testimonies: We’ve included a few testimonies but you can update these as you get more.
  • Appearance: You can update some of the site options and the menu here.
  • Users: Manage user access to your site here.
  • Options: Update your header and footer, your Member information and add a pop-up message here if you’d like. Updating the Header

The information at the top of the page (header) is the same for each page. You can update your contact information and the main menu. Changing Your Contact Information
1. In the left menu, click Options. Then click on the “Header Main Options” tab.
2. Update the phone number and email as needed.
3. Click Update. Changing Your Location
Your location is displayed under your site name.
1. In the left menu, click Options. Then click on the “Member Info Options” tab.
2. Update the Member Location as needed.
3. Click Update. Changing Your Site Name
Contact us if you need your site name updated. Changing the Main Menu
1. In the left menu, click Appearance and then click Menus.
2. At the top of this page under the Edit Menus tab, make sure that Main Menu (Primary) is selected. You’ll see Menu Structure on the right.
1. You can change the order of the menu by clicking and dragging the menu items up or down or by indenting. Make sure to click on the Save Menu button to save your changes.
3. To add a new menu item, either select a page from the left or enter a link under Custom Links. When you add to the menu, it’ll add it to the bottom of the Menu Structure. You’ll need to then reposition it as needed.
4. Note: If your main menu isn’t displaying correctly, make sure that “Primary” is checked under Menu Settings in this section.

Updating Your Home Page

Most of the content can be updated on the home page. All the home page content can be updated by clicking on “Home” within the Pages section (click on Pages in left menu). Updating the Home?Section.
1. Open the Home page for editing and then scroll down to the “Home Page” section. Note: you can click on Yoast SEO to minimize that section.
2. Update the content as needed and then click on the Update button on the right.

  • Background Image Slide: If you want to update this, make sure that you use an image that’s at least 1280px wide. Also, make sure that the image isn’t too large since it can cause the page to load slowly. See our notes on images below.
  • Large Text: This is the title in the home?section. Try to keep it short.
  • Content: This is the text under the title.
  • Button Text & Button URL: These are for the left button. You can’t update the right button (Join Now).
  • Video URL: If you enter a YouTube video, it will be displayed on the right. Delete the URL if you’d like the image to display instead.
  • Home Image: If there’s no video, this home?image will display on the right.
  • Home Image Text: If text is supplied, it will displayed over the image.
    Updating the Home Page Product Section
    1. Open the Home page for editing and then scroll down to the “Home Page” section and then Intro Block.
    2. Update the content and options in this section as needed and then click on the Update button on the right.
  • Enable Section: Changing this to No will hide the entire section.
  • Intro image: This is the image on the left. Click to remove and then replace if desired.
  • Intro Title, Text, Button Text, and Button URL: Update these to change the text and button on the right.

Updating the Home Page About Section

1. Open the Home page for editing and then scroll down to the “Home Page” section and then Home About Block.
2. Update the content and options in this section as needed and then click on the Update button on the right when finished.

  •  About AIM: This will be the title on the left in the blue section.
  • About Text Left: This will be the text block under the title in the left blue section.
  • Testimonials Title: This is the main title on the right.
  • Testimonials Content: This will show the text that you enter. Or, if you leave this field blank, you can show an automatic carousel of testimonials with the button.
  • Testimonials Button URL: Will only display if the Testimonials Content is blank.

3. To show the rotating testimonials, make sure that the Testimonials Content is blank. All the testimonials found in Testimonies section (click on Testimonies in the left menu) will rotate through in this section. Update testimonies as wanted, adding new ones as you get them and removing others as you want.

Updating the Home Page News Section

1. Open the Home page for editing and then scroll down to the “Home Page” section and then Home Updates Block.
2. To show your own updates on the left in this section, enter your Twitter URL here. Otherwise, tweets from My AIM Store will be displayed. Update the title as needed.
3. On the right, if you have any blog posts, those posts will be displayed, most recent first. If you haven’t added any posts, the blog posts from TheBarleyLifeBlog will be displayed.
4. Update the Title and page to link to as needed. Updating the Footer
When you first get your site, all the social media links in the footer will be pointing to AIM’ssocial media channels. Update these to link to yours if you’d like!
1. Click on Options in the left Admin menu and click on the Footer Main Options.
2. Update each Icon URL to your social media account URL.
3. Click on the Update button.
4. NOTE: The email option is always there and points to your contact page. You can’t remove this.

Updating Pages

We’ve created starting pages for you but you can edit these pages or add your own!
1. Click on Pages in the left admin menu and then click on the page you’d like to update.
2. Update as needed and press the Update or Publish button.
3. Depending on the page you select, editing may be limited. Here’s a list of “special pages”:

  • Blog: This page is just a placeholder for the blog. If you have added blog posts, it’ll show those posts. You can add or update blog posts under the Posts section. Note: If you add blog posts, make sure to update the main menu to point to this page.
  • Contact Me: Out of the box, this page just shows the form. You can add text above or below this code though:

    Error: Contact form not found.

  • Home: See above topics that discuss updating this page.
  • Products: This page is a placeholder page that pulls in the products from the main AIM website. Don’t make any updates to this page.
  • Testimonials: This page will list out all the testimonials that are found in the Testimonies section (in left admin bar) – you can update the text that displays above the testimonials though. Adding Pages
    You can add additional pages as you like.

1. Click on Pages in the left Admin menu and then click on Add New.
2. Enter your content as you’d like.
1. For YouTube videos, simply paste the YouTube URL directly into the text editor.
3. Click on Publish to edit the page.
4. If you’d like to add the page to the main menu, follow the Main Menu instructions above.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

We’ve includedYoast SEO to help you with optimizing each page for Google and the other search engines. Here’s a few tips to help your pages rank well, using the on-page Yoast scoring (under the page text editor):

  • Review the Snippet Preview – update the title and meta description to better describe your page. Make sure to include relevant keywords.
  • Follow the Readability suggestions and update text accordingly.

Image Tips

Here’s a few tips for using images throughout the site.

  • Don’t upload images that are too small. Images can be stretched on the site to be larger than their original size but this can cause the image to look bad.
  • Also, make sure to not upload images that are too large. Oversized images, even though they get resized as used on the site, still have a large file size and make the page load slower. Images should never be wider than 1920px wide.
  • Use image editing software to resize your images. Use Photoshop if you have it. There are plenty of other image editing software though.