Alex Garb

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Alex Garb

Being selected to play on the Canadian senior women’s inline (roller) hockey team, competing internationally and receiving top goalie awards and a silver medal are just a few of Alex Garb’s remarkable achievements. This young athlete has managed a challenging hockey career while working and finishing her education.

Whatever Alex endeavors to undertake, supplemental nutrition that works is an essential ingredient to her success. "In all honesty, I don’t think I could have done it without AIM by my side . . . putting the right nutrients in my body ups my abilities in how I live my everyday life."

To maintain wellness or target specific goals, Alex takes a variety of AIM products, including the Garden Trio. "Every day, I start off with BarleyLife, RediBeets and Just Carrots mixed with water in a shaker bottle. This brings me to an optimal level for the day ahead and ensures that I’m wide awake even if I had a late game the night before."

"The other three staples in my gym and hockey routine are Peak Endurance, Frame Essentials and ProPeas, providing me with a good sense of balance, recovery and stamina for staying active and strong."