Fibromyalgia – I Am Lovin’ Life Again

I AM LOVIN’ LIFE AGAIN!!!!  After 30 years of searching for improved health (while continuing to get more and more ill with fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, sleep deprivation, etc.), I have finally found the keys to health!   Not very long ago I was in so much pain from fibromyalgia that I was limping every evening, crying daily from pain, and sometimes even DRAGGING my leg ..and have even had to CRAWL a few times as wel from such incredible pain in my right outer thigh/hip/buttock area (Greater Trochanteris bursitis).   I also was so sensitive to sunlight that I would wear TWO pairs of sunglasses AND a hat when I went outside.  My house was very dark (and dreary) and everyone thought I was “depressed.”  It was not depression, it was hypersensitivity to light.  Some evenings, the television was so bright I was wearing sunglasses to watch TV!  How nuts is that???   These are some examples of how my body was just in a state of over-stimulation and toxcicity.   Nothing the doctors were doing had any effect whatsoever (and I’d made the rounds to MANY specialists in 2010, which  was the WORST year of my LIFE!…….and I didn’t want to go on pain meds/sleep meds (my sleep doctor prescribed Xyrem, which is very very similar to the DATE RAPE DRUG!!)…OMGosh!!!.. CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE????……And, my neurologist prescribed 30 injections of botox in my head and neck every 3 months for the intractable migraines!   Both the Xyrem and the botox would have cost me $2,000.00 per month EACH!!

So, I knew “modern medicine” was NOT the way I wanted to go…and went back to searching for natural alternatives.  And I am SO GLAD I did and SO GLAD I didn’t give up searching even though most of my friends and family told me to stop driving myself (and them!!) crazy with my frantic search for a better quality of life.  To me, my intense searching was keeping my “hope” alive….it was SHEER SURVIVAL!….and my determination (despite my brain fogginess and feeling so ill most all the time)  HAS PAID OFF IN SPADES!!   I have slept amazingly for EIGHT days in a row.  THAT IS A MIRACLE for me!!!   I am back to power walking and even have starting jogging!  I never thought I’d jog again – EVER!  I was told by the Mayo Clinic in December 2010 to “learn to live with my problems, go to pain rehab. to learn how to “cope” and learn how to be chronically ill,  and just accept my situation.”    NO WAY!!

I knew my problems were most likely caused by my diet and poor lifestyle habits and I searched high and low for the best ways to get back to health the quickly and healthiest way possible and I DID JUST THAT through gently detoxifying my body (using Herbal Fiberblend), replenishing nutrients (using Leaf Greens and Barley Life) and whole foods, hydrating with purified water, exercising, getting chiropractic care with brain-based neurotheraphy, and keeping a positive mental attitude.

My personal ministry for the last 20 years has been encouraging others.  My spiritual gift is the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT…and though I continued to do that while I was so ill and in chronic  pain, I can now really focus on encouraging others (especially those living with chronic pain) and teaching others how to get their health back, too.  PRAISE GOD.