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Where we show you how to use your member site and take it to the next level!

View our new MAS 3.0 Member Site in action!

Below, you’ll find the demo that shows off how you can use your new member site to talk about you and promote your AIM business.

Starting Website

This demo uses the starting website that we provide. As you can see, everything you need is already set up for you. All you need to do is add YOU and make it yours!

Customize Your Site

Ready to make your site stand out? This Demo shows how changing the background image and adding your video testimony to your home page can make your site stand out.  Encourage visitors to follow you on social media by adding links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Member Website Resources, Tips, and Tools

Managing your own website really can be that easy!

If you don’t already have a free website, visit our My AIM Website Sign Up page. If you already have your website, learn the basics,  view videosview resources, and pick up tips and tools on our blog.