How do I track how many visitors I get on my site?

MyAIMStore websites have an extra layer of tracking.  You can get full reports on web visits to your site by adding free tracking software to your MyAIMStore site (we recommend <a href=”https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><strong>Google Analytics</strong></a>). Simply sign up for a free account, copy the tracking code they provide, and paste the code into the Custom JS (Tracking Code) section of your Options page (at the dashboard).

As you get more adept at working with your MyAIMStore site, you can begin to analyze these numbers to find out what content works best on your site and how to maximize the number of visitors who click through to the product store.

Happy Tracking

I have created some posts on MyAIMStore page (https://myaimstore.com/name/), where I have mentioned specific AIM products. I would like to link the mentioned product, so that someone reading the post can click on it and go to the relevant product page. If they choose to order, I would like the order to be linked to my membership number.

This is the link you would use, replace NNNN in the link with your Member ID# to ensure you receive credit.

http://www.theaimcompanies.com/products/product.aspx?prodcode=6392E&AIM_AXOwnerID=NNNN this link will take the visitor to a Welcome page, this page confirms the visitor is purchasing from your site/link.  If the visitor is from a different Country, the country can be changed at this point so they can view product availability and pricing in their Country.

I have just set up my AIM membership 🙂 I’m in the process of building a small website for myself and I’m wondering if I could simply link through (using a special link) to the AIM website for people to shop. Or if I need to set up my own AIM online store and have it click through to there?

There is not a special link however The AIM Companies offers MyAIMstore websites sites. This free service is offered solely to those with an active membership and AIM handles everything from start to finish even returns if necessary.

I am starting to promote the products on social media a lot and a lot of my potential Clients will be from the US and Canada as well as Australia and New Zealand. I would also like them to be able to see the para 90 and Herbal Fibreblend as I would like to promote these two products strongly. Is there a way to change the product page so that my online store reflects all the products available at Aim?

Thank you for contacting us.  The MyAIMStore sites are accessible from anywhere around the world and AIM will handle everything from start to finish, even returns if necessary.  When you personally view your MyAIMStore site you will only see products available in the UK in UK currency.

If you select ‘Shop Products’ from your site, you will see a Welcome message for visitors indicating you are in the UK and the owner of the site.  It provides them with instructions letting them know they can select the globe icon in the upper right corner to change to change the country.  After selecting their country product availability and pricing will be displayed.

Can the video button be moved? Or the video be moved from the place where our picture is? Or maybe I just need to remove my picture. ☹ What are other members doing?

I’m working with our Site administrators for options, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I changed the email that shows on my store website and it has been confirmed but still shows the old email address. Can you help with this? Thanks so much!

To update the e-mail address that appears in the upper right side of your site – Login to the dashboard from the dashboard select Options > under the ‘Member info Options’ tab scroll down to e-mail and update the email address > next select ‘Header Main Options’ tab and enter the e-mail address when finished click Update to save the changes.

I have a question regarding updating the main image on the home page. I have followed the guidelines on the MyAIMStore resources web page and navigated to the Appearance menu to customize the Header Image. I have uploaded and selected a new image, however it does not display when I refresh MyAIMStore page. Also, if I find that the alternative image doesn't work, how would I go about re-inserting the original default image?

To change the header image log in to the dashboard of your site, select Options > Header Main Options > roll your mouse over the image click the X to remove the image then click Add Image to select a new image from your media library.   The original image is located in your media library, you can re-insert the default using the instructions I’ve provided.

I would like to change the picture on the home page (the one of the woman in the background). Would this be the background image?

To change the background image, make sure you’ve uploaded the image to your media library at the dashboard select Pages > Roll the mouse over Home Page and click Edit > Scroll down to Home Page – Background Image Slide

roll your mouse over the image click the X to remove the image then click Add Image > select a new image from your media library.  When you are finished scroll to the top and click Update to save the change.

How do I change the 'Howdy' to something like Hi or Hello?

The word ‘Howdy’ is built into the wordpress theme and only visible to you and cannot be changed.

Good morning, I just want to know how exactly the 'MY AIM STORE' sign up works.

Coming soon.

When I create a 'MY AIM STORE' am I responsible for shipping the items or does the order go straight to aim and shipped from there?

Coming soon.

I would also like to change my profile picture but I do not want to use Gravatar. Could you also tell me please, does this profile picture show up on my store front or is this only on the back end?

To add a profile picture from your dashboard select Users > role your mouse under your picture and click edit > scroll to the bottom where you see Avatar Image > choose image this opens the media library; you can select an image here or click upload files to select a file from your computer.  The image is visible at the dashboard/backend.

I was also wondering what happened to all my pages that I created? Are they no longer a part of the store front or can I just not see them anymore for some reason? (after transition to new theme)

The Pages you created are still available > select Pages from the left, you should see them listed here.

I would like to add the pages I have previously prepared to my site please.

To add your existing pages to the menu.  At the dashboard > select Appearance > Menu > you will see – Add menu items > Pages, select > View All this will show current pages and previous pages created by you.

Select the page or pages you would like to add then click > Add to Menu.  You can align or stagger the pages to create sub-menus (at least 2 deep) to do this click and hold the page title dragging it to the right, sub item will be added to the title – don’t worry this is not visible to the visitor, it’s for your use only. When you are finished adding pages > Click Save Menu to save the changes.