My Testimony

Why do we love AIM products? They are not “copy cat”products but are cutting edge. AIM products have made a big difference for both Stan and I. And our close friend, Janet Pauly was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in 1980. AIM products gave her 33 great years instead of 3 years as predicted by her oncologist at MD Anderson.That is pretty impressive. Listen to her story  on You Tube
We have great confidence in the AIM company and their outstanding product line.Top on our list of products would be AIM Barley Life. Here is a list Janet and I compiled in 2010:

WHO NEEDS BarleyLife? EVERYBODY (including pets)

  • Those who want to ensure good cellular health.
  • Those who want more energy and stamina
  • Those who want to use the power of nutrition to reverse existing health problems.
  • Those who want to normalize and maximize their immune function.
  • Those who would like to try something new for allergy relief.
  • Those who would like to build healthier blood naturally.
  • Those who would like a super nutritious FAST FOOD that is affordable.
  • Those who like to slow the aging process including wrinkles.
  • Those who want to restore or maintain a healthy acid-alkaline (pH) balance.
  • Those who are tired of taking handfuls of Vitamins and minerals.
  • Those who want the protective nutrients from GREEN foods.   Jann’s retinal specialist recommended lots of GREEN FOODS after she had a retina tear in 1995 and thankfully she has had no reoccurance.
  • Those with asthma, like Stan, who need a great natural source of the protective nutrients including magnesium.

 We are very grateful to AIM for our improved health and the opportunity to serve others who are seeking better health.
Jann Abrams, R.N.  and  Stan Abrams, M.D.
email: [email protected]