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Living Well


Living Well for better stamina and endurance

Living well is not just a matter of maintaining good health. Making the right lifestyle choices and truly ‘living well’ means we have better stamina and endurance to handle the daily challenges and ‘curve-balls’ that life seems to toss our way.

Regular exercise can increase our physical endurance and help us to ward off unwanted illness. Some experts believe that exercise can even delay the aging process.

While we can’t totally do away with the effects of aging, we can certainly reduce our stress and prevent the loss of muscle tone by adding exercise to our Living Well™ routine—along with a healthy diet.

What do athletes know about exercise and Living Well™?

The professional athlete would not step out onto the field without first taking care of himself. Athletes know that eliminating negative lifestyle choices, nourishing the body with healthy foods and vital nutrients, and replenishing the body with water and health supplements, can lead to better performance during training or competition.

With these three simple steps, a healthy diet, and some exercise, we can perform our best in our daily activities and have the increased energy that we would like for our recreational time. We may even build extra strength and endurance to prepare for those times of stress in our lives.

Healthy lifestyle choices

We can begin by thinking about some of the lifestyle choices that we make each day, and how they impact our ability to perform well at work, school, or play. Athletes traditionally make ‘living well’ decisions by eliminating: smoking, fast-foods, excessive soda consumption, too much caffeine, drug abuse, excessive alcohol intake, and lack of sleep. We could add to the list: high stress, living or working near pollutants, physical inactivity, poor emotional outlook on life, lack of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and other complex carbohydrates for a healthy diet.


The importance of water

For both the athlete and the weekend exerciser, elimination continues beyond healthful lifestyle choices. Virtually everyone agrees that flushing the body with plenty of water—before, during, and after exercise—is critical. This helps to prepare the body for exercise prior to the event and helps to fend off dehydration during exercise. Water helps to regulate body temperature and allows for good circulation and muscle function.

Plenty of pure, clean water also helps to rid the body of harmful toxins. Toxins accumulate in the body on a daily basis. Every day we are exposed to heavy metals, chemicals, molds and fungus, all of which must be flushed from our system. To flush the body of toxins, adults should drink at least eight or more glasses of water per day.

The importance of fiber

A diet high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables will also aid in the elimination of toxins through the body and help you to feel better during exercise. Regular meal times and bowel movements are critical for those who are serious about their training routine.

As a general rule, adequate fiber intake helps to regulate rapid highs and lows in blood sugar during exercise. Starting an exercise routine hungry or light-headed will not allow you to perform your best. Adjust your fiber intake to best suit your needs and the intensity level of the exercise.


A healthy, well-balanced diet will provide all of the energy that the body needs for physical activity. Vital nutrients come from foods that offer complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, fruits and grains; as well as proteins found in low-fat meats, poultry, fish and legumes. Instead of loading up on carbohydrates prior to exercise, try to make a well-balanced diet your goal every day.

For the pre-exercise meal, experts recommend eating no more than 800 calories in the form of a small, high-carbohydrate snack, such as cereal with a sliced banana, a low-fat bagel, or a baked potato with soy yogurt and a vegetable topping. A post-workout snack might consist of fruit, fruit juice, followed later by a meal of mixed carbohydrate and low-fat protein.

Nourishing the body also means getting plenty of rest after the activity. So, take time to sit on the bench and give yourself plenty of praise for a job well done, while enjoying that refreshing sip of well-deserved water!


Water is the winning combination for exercise. As we’ve mentioned, replenishing the body with water is important —before, during, and after— the sporting event. It is vital in the replenishing of lost fluids, and helps to get the muscles moving.

Refueling the body takes other forms as well. The after workout meal (as described above) will help to replace depleted stores of nutrients and allow the body to repair microscopic damage to muscle fibers. After adequate rest and a good meal, you may consider the use of dietary supplements to replenish the body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Vitamins and minerals do not provide energy, but are essential in regulating chemical reactions within the body.

Just remember that you can’t totally do away with the aging process or quickly dismiss years of exercise neglect, but with good lifestyle choices and a consistent effort, you can take steps toward improved health by truly Living Well™.

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