About AIM

The AIM Companies is a network marketing company with a focus on improving lives through unparalleled nutritional products and a rewarding income opportunity.


I have been taking AIM’s green barley grass product since 1987. I know it provides me with the nutrients I need which are lacking in today’s diet.

Joanne Jackson, CHN,Ontario

Everybody wants the best for their body, and this is it. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Gary S., Indiana

I make chiropractic care and AIM products part of the continued health care regime for my entire family. I am very thankful for the optimal health offered through the AIM products.

Dr. Laura Gravelle, DC, London, Ontario

I have AIM nutrition to thank for my bronze medals.

J.R. Celski, US Speedskater

We’re not limited to how well we can feel. We don’t have to be tired. We can have a limitless energy and we can just feel well. That’s where AIM BarleyLife fits in

Carolyn K., Idaho

Over the past 14 years, I owe my present state of excellent health to the 14 AIM products that I take, and the AIM lifestyle that I follow, through the Healthy Cell Concept. Thank you AIM.

Jan B., Ontario

After battling cancer three times, success always tastes that much sweeter and with AIM Peak Endurance. I’m now able to measure my success with an altimeter.

Martin Benning, AIM-Sponsored Athlete

I am a ‘lifer’. BarleyLifer that is! I rarely get sick and know that prevention is the key to optimal health. I now take many of AIM’s products and enjoy even better health. I suggest everyone try BarleyLife and see for themselves what it has to offer. It is “Nutrition That Works.”

Wayne J., Ontario

I don’t like energy drinks. They’re not for me. So I started taking AIM products, and when I did, I noticed a huge difference. I’ll never go back to not taking them. They’re always going to be a part of my life.

AIM-sponsored celebrity, Zoë Soul

My business grew without even trying.

Melissa D.

AIM gave me the opportunity to start my own business.

Bella V.

After one year, our income was sufficient to retire.

Jackson and Juliet G.