My Embarrassing Moment

Back in 1994 I was playing Tennis one night when blood streamed out of my bowel all over my Tennis shorts. It was a very embarrassing situation. I managed to get myself home and the next day visited the local GP. You need to read the rest of the story if you have any bowel problems. It has a happy ending!

I was told I had haemorrhoids, and the solution was to tie rubber bands around them and deal with a very painful period until they dropped off! Being someone who is not to keen on medical procedures, and pharmaceutical drugs, I decided to tuff it out!


Self Treatment

As I was introduced to enemas and colonics many years earlier, I decided to give that a go. When I felt constipated, I would have an enema to relive the situation avoiding the inevitable. A few years later, in 1997, I was introduced to Herbal Fiberblend, and after reading all the literature convinced myself that this was what I had been looking for. I started taking it, and things got better.

Time Moves On

Well, I got to a point where I felt I didn’t need it any more. We had some financial difficulties and tightened the budget, trimming everything that wasn’t necessary. From then on I took other supplements and continued with enemas where necessary. The situation gradually got worse, with more frequent enemas and the necessity to time bowel movements before bedtime so gravity could get those haemorrhoids back where they came from!

Emergency Happens

Three weeks ago it all got out of hand. The haemorrhoids stayed out and it meant excruciating pain to sit down. Driving the car was difficult. I was very grumpy for a week, tuffing it out and trying everything I could think of. I even purchased some haemorrhoid cream, which didn’t help much either.

Good Old Herbal Fiberblend

In desperation, I grabbed a can of Herbal Fiberblend and started taking one serving a day. I increased my water intake as well. For two days, nothing happened! Then I had a huge bowel movement (at a time of my choosing) and the haemorrhoids finally subsided. What a relief. I was thinking I would have to live with this for the rest of my life! I know many others do.

Over the last two weeks, everything is back to where it should be. No enemas, regular bowel movements, and the haemorrhoids are slowly disappearing. Now this is something I thought wouldn’t happen due to aging.

How About You?

Now I understand why people will take Herbal Fiberblend before any other supplement. Unfortunately, often we forget the benefits and next time we suffer go looking for something else, ending up with an inferior product.

If you wish to purchase Herbal Fiberblend and get back on it, you can do so in one of three ways.

In Australia, go to and click on the order link.

If you are an Australian member, call AIM on 1-300-880-908 and they will help you.

If you are in the other countries where AIM operates, go to and order from there. You will probably get a discount by becoming a member, so check that option out while you are there.

Now you know why I recommend this product to everyone, and why it has stood the test of time. Thank you Aim and thank you Herbal Fiberblend!

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