AFB12. Exercise

This is class number twelve of the AIM For Balance 12 week Program, but can be taken seperately.  This class will include finding out what a true weight loss plateau is and how to tell if you have reached one.  The bulk of the class will cover exercise and finding a safe exercise program that you are going to stick with.  Our bodies were meant to move, but starting out too fast and strenuous can  turn you off of exercise and can really harm you.  This is also graduation day for the AIM For Balance 12 week clients, so we will CELEBRATE their SUCCESS!  We will share some healthy goodies and cheer them on in their successes!  You do not have to be enrolled in the whole program to come to this class.

Class fees are $15.00 per person per class in a group setting or $20.00 per person per class as a private class and requires a reservation.  Class price could change without notice.

To find out when this class is offered email me at [email protected] My website is