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How to: Edit your home page

A common question that has come up on the new MyAIMStore sites is how to change the content on the front page of your store. The resources that are available at MyAIMStore’s Resource page touch on this (visit https://myaimstore.com/resources), but I thought I would cover it again here for everyone’s benefit.

There are two different ways to change your home page content, and you will need to know which theme you are using in order to know which route to take. To see which theme your store is using, log in to your MyAIMStore website, and go to Appearance > Theme in the left-side menu bar. This will display the name of your current theme. Also, you can look in the left-side menu bar under the link that says “Comments,” and that will display your theme’s name as well.

If you have Theme One or Theme Two, the homepage content is displayed using a post. You can edit this section by choosing Posts > Edit in the left-side menu bar and clicking on the name of the post that appears at the next screen.

Note: You may need to update your Theme Options to make the full text of your homepage visible. To do this, click on your theme name in the left-side menu bar, choose “Display Content or The Excerpt,” and check the box for Homepage Posts.

If you have Theme Three, the homepage content is displayed using your Theme Options. You can edit these options by choosing Three > Theme Options from the left-side menu bar. The page that appears has options for Personal Information, Homepage Settings, and General Settings. All of these options can help you change the look of your homepage.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email MyAIMStore Support at myaimstore@aimintl.com.

– Kevan

Resource of the Week

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a document containing insight into the most common queries of MyAIMStore Members. A wide range of topics is covered in this document, and if you do not see the question that you wanted, feel free to send in an email and we can add it.

The FAQ can be downloaded and viewed at the MyAIMStore Resources page.

Updates for week of 3/4

  • MyAIMStore registration is now open for all AIM Members.
  • Updated Glossary.

How to: Upload a picture

Adding a profile picture to your website is a great way to bring a personal touch to your store. To view a sample of a MyAIMStore with a profile picture on the main page, visit the demo for Theme One.

To add a profile picture, you first need to upload a photo of yourself to your MyAIMStore. Log-in to your store’s dashboard, and select Media > Add New from the menu bar at left.

Click “Select Files” and browse for the file on your computer. Once you have selected the file, you may click “OK,” and MyAIMStore will upload the file.

Note: Take note of the “Image url” as this will be used to insert your picture into your web store.

Now head to your store’s Widget section by selecting Appearance > Widgets from the menu bar at left. Drag-and-drop the “Text” widget from the Available Widgets section to the Sidebar section.

In the text area, type the following, and place your image URL inside of the quotation marks:

<img src="image url">

Click Save. View your MyAIMStore to see if the image you inserted fits your theme. If not, you may need to resize your image using image-editing software or HTML code.

Note: For additional help with images, view MyAIMStore’s Frequently Asked Questions file.