From its inception over four decades ago, The AIM Companies™ has evolved into a global health and wellness leader, enriching lives worldwide with premium nutritional products. Today, individuals looking to engage with AIM have two paths: becoming a customer for direct access to health-enhancing products or stepping into the role of a member for health benefits and the opportunity to build a personal business. That’s why we’d like to guide you through the benefits and opportunities each path offers to align with your wellness and financial goals.

The Customer Experience

Customers of AIM Companies enjoy a straightforward, product-focused relationship. This option is perfect for those who are primarily interested in AIM’s high-quality nutritional supplements without the commitment of running a business. As a Customer, you benefit from loyalty rewards and free standard shipping on orders over $50, making it easier and more rewarding to maintain your health and wellness regimen with AIM’s range of products.

Why Choose to Be a Customer?

  • Simplicity: You have direct access to purchase AIM products to support your health.
  • Rewards: Enjoy the perks of loyalty rewards and free shipping on qualifying orders.
  • No Commitment: Ideal for those who wish to benefit from AIM products without engaging in the business aspect.

The Member Experience

Becoming an AIM Member opens the door to opportunities beyond purchasing products. Members enjoy the best pricing, volume discounts, and shipping benefits. More than just savings, membership is an invitation to start your journey towards financial independence by sharing the health benefits of AIM products with others. Members also earn commissions from their sales using a free My AIM Store e-commerce website.

Why Choose to Be a Member?

  • Financial Opportunity: Earn commissions and build a business by sharing AIM products.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Access the best pricing, volume discounts, and shipping benefits.
  • Community and Support: Join a global network of individuals passionate about health and wellness.

The AIM Community: A Family of Support

Whether you choose to be a Customer or a Member, you’re joining a community that values health, wellness, and personal growth. Members, in particular, find themselves part of a supportive family that shares knowledge, experience, and encouragement. This sense of belonging is what makes The AIM Companies unique in the world of business, where success is measured not just in financial terms but in the positive impact made on other’s lives.

Training and Resources

AIM believes in empowering its Members with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. From educational materials to training videos on the AIM Nutrition YouTube channel, a wealth of resources is available to help Members share the benefits of AIM nutrition. This commitment to education ensures that Members are well-equipped to make informed decisions and provide valuable advice to their customers and downline.

Are You Ready to Join AIM?

Choosing between becoming an AIM customer or member depends on your personal and financial goals. Do you seek to enhance your health with premium nutritional products, or are you ready to build a business that can offer financial rewards and personal fulfillment? Either way, AIM provides a supportive, enriching environment for everyone who joins.

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