Animals and AIM Products–Debra Pugh

Pet Stories Using AIM Products

AIM BarleyLife has helped our family in so many ways, that we have given it to our animals and our neighbor’s animals with great success. Pets become part of the family, so why not make sure they have good nutrition too so they can have good health, shiny and soft coat, and pleasant smelling breath.

14 Year Old Dog Plays Fetch Again

Sam, 14 years old, playing fetch

We have 2 labrador dogs.  One is 4 years old and the other is 14 years old.  The older dog, Sam, has never wanted to play with the younger dog.  She retired 3 years ago from a working retreiver and has been content to sleeping all of the time.  We started giving her  1 teaspoon of BarleyLife with her food and soon she started jumping, playing with the younger lab, and even playing fetch with a ball again.  Keep in mind that in “dog years” Sam is 98 years old!  She also has a growth under her ear that is the size of a baseball and it has gotten smaller since we started giving her the BarleyLife.  We will be honest, once she starts feeling good, we forget to give her BarleyLife, and she goes downhill fast.  Two different times we thought her back legs were paralized because she could not move them and drug them behind her across the floor.  We had a feeling that the vet would put her to sleep so we gave her large doses of BarleyLife several times and by the end of the day, she was walking again.  As Sam has gotten older, her breath has started to stink.  The BarleyLife helps her breath to smell better.

 Stray Kitten that was Sick

Natalie and Ty with Sugar and Spice
Natalie and Ty with Sugar and Spice

Several years ago, we found 2 stray kittens but one was very sick and looked like it was going to die. It was so sick, we would not even touch it, and only held it wraped in a towel.  We started giving it a mixture of water and BarleyLife in a syringe 3 times a day. In a week it was getting around better and playing like a normal kitten. In a month it was the dominant kitten.

Dog with Arthritis

When we lived in Weimar, TX, one of our neighbors had a dog that had arthritis so bad that it could hardly walk. I tried to tell her about the benefits of AIM Barley grass but she was not interested. She went out of town and asked me to feed her dog while she was gone. I fed her dog but I also happened to sprinkle some Barley powder (mixed with water) on the dog’s food. In a week our neighbors returned home and their dog was no longer a prisoner to his front porch due to the arthritis but ran out to the street to meet them and actually jumped up in their truck to greet them! Our neighbor immediately ran to our house and demanded to know what we had done to her dog and I explained about the barley powder. She went home that day with a jar of AIM’s barley and has been taking it ever since then.

 Cat with Incurable Disease

Another neighbor in Tulia, TX had a cat that was sent home from the vet with an incurable disease. They were very sad for it had been a family pet and did not want to see it die. I gave them some AIM BarleyLife to give to their cat and in a few days it was feeling better and has lived a long and healthy life.