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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Blogging but Were Too Afraid to Ask

If you’ve wanted to write a blog but didn’t know where to start, join Josh Peterson, AIM Marketing Associate on June 4th at 1:00 pm MST for an AIM Webinar that will provide a basic tutorial with the know how you’ll need to build the foundation of an entertaining and lucrative blog.


Register –  Everything You’€™ve Wanted to Know About Blogging but Were Too Afraid to Ask
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AIM’s Newest product Red Rush is now available

Red Rush is a non-traditional performance drink that boosts stamina and energy naturally over time.

Promote Red Rush on your MyAIMStore site using banners and images available in the Resource section and the Advertising Center at The AIM Companies website



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Spring Cleaning on our website


It’s time for all of us to check those video links. Please note that some of our AIM videos have been updated to show new labels, news updates, or changes in product information. Please check that all the video links on your MyAIMStore site are still working and then if necessary you can make changes accordingly.

We’€™ve also made updates to the Mag-nificence Snapshot and the J.R. Celski Trials to Triumph€ videos.  You can find all the AIM Companies videos on our YouTube channel

Click here to get a list of all available AIM Videos

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Video: Google Analytics webinar replay

Last week, I taught a webinar about Google Analytics free website tracking software and how it could help your MyAIMStore website. Those who participated had a great time. We laughed. We cried. We text-chatted.

If you missed the webinar, take heart. All AIM webinars are available to view after the fact, at any time, any which way you want. Click the image above or the link below to view a full replay of my Google Analytics webinar, and feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and comments on this post.

Watch the Google Analytics webinar >

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How to set up and send out an e-mail newsletter campaign

Reaching out to touch someone, emailwise, has never been easier thanks to free email campaign services like MailChimp and free AIM webinars about how to use free email campaign services like MailChimp. Here is one of those webinars now:

The webinar explains everything. This post will explain some things. Watch the webinar for the full details, and continue reading for a taste of how to put MailChimp to work for you.

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Video: MyAIMStore webinar replay

I had the privilege of hosting a MyAIMStore webinar earlier this month. A MyAIMStore whoob-n-what? Basically, I fiddled around on a computer for an hour and let people watch me. It was fantastic, if I do say so myself.

We set the VCR at the AIM offices to record the show, and the webinar is now available to replay for those who may have missed it the first time (or those who made it the first time but need a second or third time to figure out what I was saying).

Click the image below to watch. Enjoy!

Watch the MyAIMStore webinar.

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How to: Add Testimony Blurbs

One of the best ways to share AIM products is with a testimony. And one of the best ways to share a testimony is right on the front of your MyAIMStore website.

MyAIMStore sites now allow for testimony blurbs to show up on the main page of your website through a handy “Testimony” feature on your MyAIMStore dashboard. The blurbs appear under the Testimonies heading under Featured Products on your home page, and they cycle through every few seconds with new blurbs. Boy, blurbs sure is fun to say. Blurbs, blurbs, blurbs.

See an example blurb on this demo site I set up.

How to add testimony blurbs

First things first, log in to your MyAIMStore website by visiting your store, scrolling down to the very bottom, clicking the “log in” link in the lower right hand corner, and entering your username and password.

Next up, click on “Testimonies” in the left-hand vertical menu. The “Testimonies” link is right above “Customize” and right below “Comments.”

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Four fantastic ways to customize your MyAIMStore shopping experience

Have I mentioned before that the MyAIMStore websites allow for a great deal of customization? I have? Like, a billion times? Man, I am insufferable. Sorry about that.

Well this time my customization talk is about e-commerce shopping, which I hope will be a new lesson for a lot of you. At the debut of direct ordering last month, the Member websites received some fancy new updates, including a bevy of online shopping boosts. As such, there are now some really neat ways to customize your visitor’s shopping experience. There I go with the “customize” word again. I wish I knew how to quit it!

Fantastic way No. 1: Modify the text that appears on your buttons

The two giant buttons on your site’s home page probably say Shop Products and Join AIM. Works for me! (Of course it does; I wrote it.) But let’s say you were looking for something a little less … generic. MyAIMStore lets you do just that.

You can change things up by focusing on specifics (“Shop Nutrition”) or add some personality with a heartfelt appeal (“I love these products”). Maybe even take things too far like I did in the following screen shot:

To customize these buttons, log in to your MyAIMStore website and click “Customize” in the left-hand vertical menu. Choose “Advanced Settings” and scroll down until you see the fields for “Button #1 Text” and “Button #2 Text.” Go to town.

Fantastic way No. 2: Modify the links for your buttons

In addition to customizing text on buttons, you can also customize where those buttons send your visitors. If you don’t like the current link for the Shop Now or Join AIM buttons, make those buttons point wherever you want (within AIM’s Internet guidelines, of course).

To change the URLs of your buttons, follow the same steps as you did when you customized the button text. Log in, go to “Customize,” choose “Advanced Settings,” and find the “Button #1 URL” and “Button #2” URL fields.

Some notes to keep in mind:

1. Always use full URLs.

What’s a URL? This is a URL: This is not: Kevan Lee product store

2. If you are linking to a page on the AIM website, be sure to add the following to the end of the URL (where Member ID equals your ID): &AIM_AXOwnerID=[Member ID]. This ensures you get credit for the sales and sign ups.

Need some inspiration? Here is the implementation of both of the above steps on a MyAIMStore test site. Feel free to click the buttons and see how they work.

View MyAIMStore test site >

Power tip: Combine both of the above tips for uber customization. How powerful!

The example above is pretty standard. The Shop Products button links to the product list on AIM’s corporate website, and the Join AIM button does the same. Want to get really creative? Give this one a try:

Change the button text to your favorite product and link directly to that product at the AIM corporate site. (ex., “Shop BarleyLife” links to the BarleyLife page at

You can set up these buttons however you’d like. You could link straight to the product page on the AIM website or straight to the Member sign up form on the AIM Website or straight to your blog on your MyAIMStore site or straight to your contact page or straight to Cute Overload because who doesn’t love looking at cute things?

(image via Cute Overload)

Fantastic way No. 3: Add personalized text to the Products page

The products page on your MyAIMStore site features all of AIM’s product offering in a fancy schmancy tabbed format. You know what else it can feature? You talking about you.

The page allows the Member to add whatever text you’d like, and it will appear at the bottom underneath the products. This might be an ideal place to throw a snipppet from your testimony or some information on ordering or a note or two about why it’s so great to become a Member.

To add text here, log in to your MyAIMStore website, and go to Pages > Edit. Find the page titled”‘Products,” and click on it. Go ahead and type whatever you want into the big white text box on this page, hit “Update,” and you’re all set.


Fantastic way No. 4: Sell it with a video or ad

The giant picture area on your homepage is more than just a picture. Did you know: You can link the picture to whatever you want? Did you know: You can link to a video so that when a user clicks on the picture a video pops up and plays? Fancy, no?

All of these options are in the Customize panel on your website. The picture itself is found under General Settings. Everything else is tucked away neatly in the Advanced Settings (see the picture below).

Remember that test website I showed you earlier? The one with the new button links? Well, take a closer look at the main image on that page. It has a slick play button overlay and the BarleyLife YouTube video pops up when you click it. Not bad, eh?

If you have been inspired by any of these fun ideas, feel free to give it a try on your own MyAIMStore website. Refer back to this post, read the instructions, and feel free to send us an email ( or give us a call (1-800-456-2462) if you run into any problems.

Happy customizing! (There I go again with that word. It’s a disease.)

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MyAIMStore software upgrade

Just a quick heads up that the MyAIMStore sites received a software update this morning, so you may notice some minor changes on your dashboard. No, these changes don’t include retail ordering just yet, but thanks for asking.

If you have any questions or notice any bugs (technical, not entomological), give us a ring at 1-800-477-4246 or drop us an e-mail.


Listen to MyAIMStore advice on SEO, design, and customization

January’s AIM Teleclass schedule featured two classes on MyAIMStore – (1) an informative romp through basic editing options and (2) an all-encompassing dissertation on search engine optimization. And now both classes are available for any-time listening.

LISTEN at the AIM website >

Click the play button located above the teleclass you want, then sit back, relax (or sit up and take notes, if you’re so inclined), and enjoy.

Happy listening!

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