Cell Wellness Restorer – relax and reduce stress

Cell Wellness Restorer – relax and reduce stress


An interview with C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

….Shealy: Nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium, and it is a critical mineral. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 essential enzymes in the body. It regulates the electrical charge of our cells, and if the charge is not normal, our cells our hyperexcitable. A hyperexcitable cell causes agitation, frustration, depression?stress. It also weakens our immune systems.Magnesium deficiency is seen in all major diseases, and higher levels of magnesium often have a major impact on recovery. For example, if you are given a shot of magnesium after having a heart attack, it improves your changes of recovery by 50 percent.

DHEA is a hormone, and such a common hormone that it is largely ignored. I saw that by the age of 80, we only have 10 percent of the DHEA we had at age 30. I also saw that, like magnesium, low levels of DHEA are associated with almost every known disease. In fact, the only known diseases associated with normal levels of DHEA are schizophrenia and acute alcoholism.

AIM: Is there any way you can raise magnesium and DHEA levels?

  C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., is one of the world?s leading experts in pain management and his research into this has led to several patented techniques for pain relief. He is a graduate of Duke University medical school and a well-known author and lecturer. Since retiring from private practice in 1999, Dr. Shealy has devoted his time to research. One of his research projects is investigating the properties and values of  Cell Wellness Restorer.

Shealy: I have experimented with this. You can take supplements of DHEA, but this can be dangerous. Your DHEA levels must be low. If they are not, direct supplementation may increase certain cancers. But if you stimulate your body to increase DHEA, you avoid this risk. I found that natural progesterone can raise DHEA somewhat, as can certain types of acupuncture.

As far as magnesium goes, I injected it because when you use it orally, very little is absorbed. It can speed up transit time, but the magnesium must be in your intestinal tract for 12 hours to be absorbed. As well, calcium, phosphorus, fat, and protein all block its absorption. But even giving shots raised the intracellular levels very little.

AIM: So there is really no good way to increase levels of these two substances?

Shealy: You can do it, but not too much. But then something happened. I met a man who told me he was helping people by having them soak in a liquid. I was skeptical of this, but when I saw the results, I felt there had to be something behind it. I thought perhaps that it must raise DHEA levels.

AIM: Were you able to test this idea?

Shealy: Yes, I had some of my students use two ounces in a daily bath for three months. They loved it! They found new energy and a sense of well-being. But, when I measured their DHEA levels, it was actually lower. I have to say I was disappointed.

But I kept using it, varying amounts and I soon found that it did increase DHEA levels. I believe it initially decreased them because of an initial detoxification period.

AIM: So this was an “a-ha”?

Shealy: Yes, but I still had questions. This liquid also seemed to provide some benefits in a wide range of problems, such as high blood pressure, and I could not understand why. Then it hit me. It has magnesium in it. Everyone is low in magnesium. Maybe the magnesium would provide results; but was the magnesium getting through?

We did more tests and found that after four weeks, three out of four users had higher intracellular magnesium levels. This was why virtually everybody found benefits. Everyone is magnesium-deficient, so providing magnesium is going to help everyone. I also believe that the magnesium acts as a catalyst to stimulate DHEA production.

AIM: So soaking in this liquid restores magnesium? Water does not penetrate the skin, so how is the magnesium getting in to the body?

Shealy: Now you’ve really hit the “a-ha.” This liquid has unique properties. It acts like an oil, and has an oily feel, but it also mixes with water. It appears that the molecular structure has been changed. The only thing I can think is that this water’s unique properties allow you to absorb it through the skin and brings the mineral with it. It sounds odd, but my tests show that soaking in this does raise intracellular magnesium and DHEA levels.

AIM: This liquid is known as  Cell Wellness Restorer.

Shealy: That’s right.

AIM: Could you tell us about thin water?

Shealy: Thin water is made with something called prills, and this thin water is really the starting point for the  Cell Wellness Restorer. It seems to make the water “thinner”, meaning less viscous, and this results in the water penetrating the cells better.  This thin water seems to target intracellular health, while the Cell Wellness Restorer targets the cell membrane and outside the cell.

AIM: What implications does this have for our health?

Shealy: I feel we could do more for the health of the world by raising magnesium and DHEA levels than anything else we can imagine. We all should be using the simplest, safest way of getting our intracellular magnesium to a normal range. The simplest and most efficient way I know to do this is to use  Cell Wellness Restorer.

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