PMS can start or end at various times during a woman’s life

PMS can start or end at various times during a woman’s life


PMS can start or end at various times during a woman’s life.   Women who have PMS before pregnancy usually do not suffer adverse symptoms during pregnancy because the level of progesterone will rise about 30-50 times during a healthy pregnancy. Women who do not experience symptoms of PMS before a pregnancy could start suffering after pregnancy.  Many times the symptoms will progessively get worse after multiple pregnancies.   I have spoken to many women who talk about adverse symptoms months after a first, second or third pregnancy.  Another time when a woman may not realize that they may be causing the onset of PMS is after a tubal ligation.

It was first recognized by Radwanska, Hammond, and Berger of the University of Illinois, and later confirmed worldwide, that after women were sterilized by the simple operation to block their fallopian tubes, they subsequently produced less progesterone from their ovaries and their PMS increased in severity.

I find it sad that doctors simple prescribe synthetic medications for the symptoms of PMS or hormone imbalance. Many times a doctor will recommend medication simply anticipating hormone changes due to a woman’s age.  Many books have been written and this author in particular has made it clear that real progesterone can be the best answer.  Why not recommend natural topical progesterone cream especially when they know that “the patch” method works? Isn’t that also topical and transdermal?  I prefer to choose a safe and natural solution.  I hope more women will read and study this topic and then recommend the same books to their doctors.

Have you been affected by a similar hormone imbalance?  I certainly have.  I will tell you that my symptoms improved dramatically when I started using natural progesterone cream.  If you have any questions please contact me by email on this blog.  You can also read more about progesterone cream at  You might enjoy listening to an audio presentation with clips of Dr. John Lee MD giving a lecture on natural progesterone cream. Click here:

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