Advantages of Fasting for Health

Advantages of Fasting for Health


Fasting is helpful to aid the body in detoxification.  It will help the body heal with greater speed if it is in a state of illness. Fasting will help cleanse the liver, kidneys and colon, purifying the blood and helping with weight loss.  Fasting gives the body rest from digestion so it can put more energy into the healing and detox process. It is also good to fast routinely, not just during an illness. This helps the body get rid of toxins while not taking in excess daily toxins.  The digestive system is also relieved of inflammation due to allergic reactions to foods.  Oxygenation is increased because serum fats are reduced causing white blood cells to move more efficiently.  Chemicals such as pesticides, which store in the fat, are released during the fasting detoxification.  As you fast your sensitivity to diet and surroundings will increase.  Investing the time and effort into a fast should keep your mind focused on healthier eating habits overall.

How to fast will be coming soon.

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