My Testimony

March 29, 2011
Each day when I awake, I ask for guidance and inspiration to help those who need my help. I ask to be an instrument in God’’s hands to help others. There have been times I found I needed to experience a problem to gain a better insight into the problem that someone seeking help from me might need. In August 2006 I experienced a situation in such a severe measure that I had to take drastic measures to correct it. I had a bowel blockage!. Now how does that happen to one who so faithfully has taken Herbal Fiberblend for nineteen years? I am not sure, but I know why. I needed to know what those I talk to with the same problem feel. I needed to know what to do in a severe situation. I needed to know it is OK to be more aggressive to get the bowels moving. When you are healthy and everything goes well, it is sometimes hard to know what another person is feeling.
I began a cleanse that was to last several days. At first I wasn’t too concerned that I didn’t eliminate, because if you don’’t put solid food in you don’’t have much to eliminate. After several days with eliminating nothing, I was becoming a little more than just concerned. I began to pray that I would know what I needed to do. Because I
wanted to do the cleanse like the author intended, I wanted to see it through to the end. It did not recommend anything like Herbal Fiberblend, but out of desperation I started taking Cascara Sagrada hoping it would help. I did not want to interfere with the cleanse, but I felt inspired to stop the cleansing and take 1 tsp. Herbal Fiberblend, 3
Composure and 3 Cascara Sagrada, opening the capsules into the Herbal Fiberblend and doing this every hour. It only took four servings and I had two huge eliminations. Needless to say I was relieved. The very next day, I had a member call me saying how her bowels were messed up and she was not eliminating. I had the answer for her
because I had been there. I have been amazed how this experience I had in 2006 has helped so many others.
I have all the classic symptoms for Fibromyalgia. I had a severe bout just before the inception of BarleyLife. I had severe pain in my joints to the point it hurt to walk, especially in the morning. I only did what I had to do each day and spent a lot of time in bed or on the couch. At the time I was a member of AIM’’s President’’s
Advisory Council. AIM was getting ready to launch the new BarleyLife and we were given a bottle to sample. AIM asked us to replace our Barleygreen with BarleyLife using the same amount. I was up to 3 Tablespoons of Barleygreen a day because it was supposed to be helpful with joint pain, but it didn’t even begin to make a
difference. I took 3 Tablespoons of BarleyLife daily and found I had new issues to deal with. My sinuses were draining profusely and I was in bed for nearly two weeks. I was even weaker than before. At the end of two weeks my head was clearer than it had been in months and the joint pain was gone! I never would have recommended
BarleyLife to detoxify, but I saw first hand what a powerful barley product AIM had in BarleyLife.
Once again I am struggling with joint pain as well as tissue inflammation in one leg. I have not taken aspirin or any drug in the past 25 years, yet found myself taking Tylenol to get some relief from the pain. At night the pain would be so severe I couldn’t get much sleep. I decided not to take the Tylenol and take BarleyLife at bedtime
instead. I took 3 Tablespoons in one serving and went to bed. I lay there and felt the pain gradually leave my body. It was totally amazing! Fibromyalgia seems to run in cycles. I have a lot of good days then it hits me. When that happens I increase my BarleyLife and it quickly leaves. When I was moving this past year I took mega-doses of BarleyLife and was able to get everything done without it taking me down.
I felt inspired to write this because I know there is someone who needs to hear this, and even if it only helps one person, it is what God wanted. AIM has the products we need, we just need to have faith and use them.
May God bless us to seek after those things that will edify us.
Toni Lund, CNC 435-673-3855
Chairman’’s Club Director, The AIM Companies