Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Healthy Way to Lose Weight


Magic Pill

Don’t you wish there was a safe, magic pill that would just melt the extra body fat off the human body? I know I do!  For the majority of people, it takes a lot of hard work to lose body fat and discipline to maintain a healthy weight.  I have noticed over the past 30 years of being a personal trainer and Health and Wellness Consultant, that the people who take some of the AIM products can lose weight faster, healthier, and be able to maintain a healthy weight for many years.


There is no simple formula for losing body fat.  The “formula” that works for one person might not work for another person.  Each person needs to figure out their own “formula.”  Losing weight can be like a puzzle.  First a person needs to find all the missing puzzle pieces, and then put the puzzle together.  Because every person’s genetic make up, background, and lifestyle is different, the puzzle pieces can be different with each person.

Puzzle Pieces

Below you will see several pieces of the puzzle with the first four being completed on a regular basis for everyone (unless a doctor tells you otherwise.)  Many people will lose weight and maintain a healthy weight with only these four puzzle pieces.  Other people are more successful when they add one or several of the following AIM products to their puzzle.  It might take a while to figure which puzzle pieces fit into your puzzle.

  1. Weight training
  2. Cardiovascular training
  3. Eat healthy which includes a lot of raw fruit and vegetables
  4. Drink 70-120 ounces of water a day (divide your weight in half, and drink that many ounces).
  1.  Clean the Colon: Studies show that the colon is supposed to weigh 2-3 pounds, but many people’s colon can weigh between 20-40 pounds!  This can be due to overeating, undigested food, and the many toxins in foods, drinks, and air.  Extra fiber is good to help move the food through the body, so it doesn’t sit in the colon and rot and putrefy.  AIM’s Fit’n Fiber has 12 grams of total fiber to help people get the recommended 21-35 grams of fiber a day.  AIM’s Herbal Fiberblend has herbs that scrape out the undigested food and old fecal matter that has not been pushed through the colon.  It also has herbs that kill parasites in the intestines, (see #7) and it has 6 grams of fiber.  The colon is located below the belly button, so as the herbs scrape out all the old “junk” that has been built up over the years, a person can literally lose inches in the area below the belly button.  The two products work great when mixed together, and actually taste better than the HFB by itself.   They both also decrease appetite.  Studies show that a healthy amount of fiber decrease cholesterol and help to maintain a healthy blood sugar.
  1. Healthy Blood Sugar Level: Blood sugar is the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood.  It is important that these levels remain consistent and not be too high or too low for it could affect a person’s metabolism.  Studies show that high levels of insulin store fat in the body.  Diets of simple carbohydrates, fats, and processed sugars make it harder for the body to use the glucose for energy.  AIM’s GlucoChrom is a unique combination of chromium and other herbs that provide the body with a natural way to support healthy blood sugar balance. Once the level of insulin is normal, the fat cells are less inclined to store fat and weight loss is easier.

  1. Kill Parasites: There are various symptoms of having parasites in the human body, but many studies show that parasites can cause people to gain weight (or lose weight). Parasites are hard to detect, and they rob people of the nutrients in food and can cause people to be hungry all of the time.   The parasites also leave their waste product to be absorbed into the human body!  AIM’s Para 90  can kill parasites throughout the entire body, whereas the AIM’s Herbal Fiberblend can kill the parasites in the intestine.  The Herbal Fiberblend also has a lot of fiber which helps the person to be full and not eat as muchThe herbs flush out the dead parasites, so they do not sit in the human body and rot and release toxic gases.  Parasites can cause people to crave sugar and junk food which can cause people to gain weight.
  1. Candida: Candida is a yeast or fungus that is common in the colon but the more it multiplies, it can seep out into the blood stream and cause problems throughout the rest of the body. This can cause people to not to be able to lose body fat.  The first time I tackled this problem, I lost 4 inches in my abdominal region in one week!  You can’t do that through exercise alone! GarlicAIM kills fungus so is helpful to get control of a fungus problem.  AIM’s Flora Food is a wonderful probiotic that puts the good bacteria back in the colon so it can fight the Candida and the overgrowth of fungus.  An overgrowth of Candida or fungus can cause people to crave sweets, yeast (in breads), or alcohol. 
  1. Hormone Balance: If a woman does not have enough progesterone in her body, studies show that she can “gain fat around her abdomen, hips, and thighs.”  AIM’s Renewed Balance is a natural progesterone cream that is a great way to increase the progesterone levels that can make it easier to lose body fat.  If a person’s thyroid is not working properly, then they can gain weight.  Having a healthy progesterone level can improve the health of the thyroid, which can improve energy.
  1. Stress Management: Studies show that stress can make the body produce certain chemicals and hormones that make the body hold onto fat. AIM’s Composure is a combination of eight herbs that can be taken during the day to help the body and mind to relax.  They can also be taken at night to help people to sleep. AIM’s BarleyLife is also known to help people to manage stress.
  1. Sleep: Studies show that people need 7-9 hours of sleep each night to have a healthy metabolism.  Research has shown that people tend to hold onto body fat if they get less than 7 hours of sleep.  AIM’s Composure in the evening helps people to go to sleep and stay asleep.  Some people drink a little of AIM’s BarleyLife before they go to bed to have the same effect.
  1.  Cell Food: The human body has trillion of cells that need to be fed every day.  Processed foods (in a box) do not contain many nutrients so if a person is eating a lot of processed foods or “junk food,” their cells are not receiving the nutrients needed so this makes people want to eat more often.  Raw fruits and vegetables are great “cell foods.”  AIM’s BarleyLife is a wonderful “cell food.”  People who drink BarleyLife will explain that they do not eat as many calories during the day and do not crave “junk food.”  For people who do not like many raw vegetables, AIM’s Garden Trio is a mixture of barley, carrots, and beet juice. It is an excellent way to feed the cells with low calories and no fat.

If you order any AIM products that are powder, be sure to order AIM’s small, portable hand mixer for only $4.00 so they mix up better.

For people that have a healthy weight, congratulations!  These products can help people to maintain a healthy weight and not gain it back.  If you want to get your products for free, let me know and I can explain how to do that.

 This information was taken from my book, Fibromyalgia and Fatigue:  A Recipe for Feeling Fit and Healthy.

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Debra Pugh has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, is a certified personal trainer, certified sports nutritionist, and public speaker.  She has over 30 years of experience in counseling people in Health and Wellness.   She competed in fitness competitions and is a National Champion and featured in many fitness magazines. Debra was in an episode of the popular number one watched TV show, BAYWATCH, and Christian TV show, CBN 700 Club.  She has had over 200 articles on fitness and nutrition published in magazines and newspapers.

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