AIM Peak Endurance – Lighting the fire within

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March 2007

AIM Peak Endurance®, which has been very popular since the 14-ounce canisters were officially introduced in January, is now available in single servings in a 30-count package. The single servings contain the exact same ingredients as the canister with the added convenience of portability. The recommended serving size is two of the packets per day so put a couple in your pocket or in a purse in the morning and you are ready for the day ahead.

Mountain climber Martin Benning, an AIM-sponsored athlete, will not hit the mountain without his AIM products – AIM BarleyLife®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM CellSparc 360®, AIM GinkgoSense™, AIMega®, and now – AIM Peak Endurance®. “Whether I am climbing at high altitudes or training at sea level, AIM Peak Endurance® is a key element in my success at 14,411 feet. Roughly one-half the elevation of Mt. Everest, Mt. Rainier (in Washington state) is the fifth highest peak in the continental United States. On two separate training climbs – one with AIM products and one without – I was able to see measurable differences in both my SpO2 saturation, which is the amount of oxygen absorbed in the blood, and in overall performance. Using a combination of AIM products including AIM Peak Endurance®, I was able to measure a 3 percent increase in the blood oxygen saturation at the summit, a more efficient heart rate, and an overall increase in energy,” says Benning.

“AIM Peak Endurance® elevates the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels in the blood, cells, and tissue. ATP is at the core of human energy and is critical for every function in our cells. AIM Peak Endurance® also enhances the delivery of glucose, nutrients, electrolytes, B vitamins, and oxygen, which I need to perform. Typical energy drinks are loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories. AIM Peak Endurance® provides the ATP, complex carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins with almost none of the sugar,” concludes Benning.

Benning obviously is a fan of AIM Peak Endurance® because of the boost it gives him as an athlete. The key ingredient in the product is ATP, the energizer for the cells. Think of AIM BarleyLife® as the wood in a fire and AIM Peak Endurance® as the igniter. ATP begins diminishing at age 30 and by the time a person reaches age 70, the body is producing one-half of what it did at the younger age. AIM Peak Endurance® replaces the ATP lost through age, stress, daily life, and exercise.

While ATP is the major component of the product, AIM Peak Endurance® is a unique combination that does a body a whole lot of good – Peak ATP®, B vitamins, electrolytes, vitamin C, and phosphorus. All of them contribute mightily to the health and wellness as measured by the percentage of Daily Value (DV) in a 2,000-calorie diet.

ATP: It is the primary source of energy for every function that occurs within each cell of the body. When ATP is depleted, cells cease to function properly. Without ATP, says researcher Dr. Eliezer Rapaport, there is no life. ATP increases energy levels without boosting the heart rate, contrary to what occurs with caffeine, ginseng, or ephedra.

B vitamins: These vitamins are necessary for deriving energy from carbohydrates and for building muscle. Each of the vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 – in the two recommended daily servings of AIM Peak Endurance® supplies 100 percent of the DV.

: The AIM product contains five electrolytes. Most sports drinks, by comparison, contain only three and are loaded with sugar, normally 10-35 grams. AIM Peak Endurance® has only a single gram of sugar. Electrolytes conduct electrical currents, or nerve impulses, in our body. They are reduced through exercise and sweat. The electrolytes and their DV per two servings: Calcium, 20 percent; sodium 18 percent; magnesium, 12 percent; chloride, 12 percent; and potassium, 6 percent.

Vitamin C
: Two servings of AIM Peak Endurance® supplies 100 percent of the DV. Vitamin C, the sunshine vitamin, helps maintain connective tissue, collagen, and bone health. It aids in healing wounds, supports the immune system, counters free radicals, recycles the body’s vitamin E, and can reduce allergy symptoms.

: The DV is 40 percent with two servings. Often referred to as the forgotten but necessary nutrient, it is essential for growth, maintenance, and repair of body tissue. It also plays a role in the proper growth of bones. The body uses phosphorus in protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, enzyme activation, and as a component of nucleotides and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).
AIM Peak Endurance® is one great product, whatever your need. As an athlete or someone who enjoys being physically active, it functions as an immediate and effective energy booster during exercise (rapid absorption or isotonic) or as a replenisher (re-hydration or hypotonic) after exercise. For AIM Members 30 years and older, the product’s ATP content serves as a replacement for the ATP lost as a normal outcome of aging. What your body loses daily, AIM Peak Endurance® replaces with the ease of two servings per day.

A common question with all the variety and applications of the AIM products is if AIM Peak Endurance® can be taken with other AIM products. The short answer is yes. Because of the product’s ability to enhance blood flow, it is logical to conclude that it will help distribute other AIM products throughout the body. However, in the case of AIM BarleyLife® products, combining the two products could result in the loss of some of the enzymatic benefits of the barley powder. It is recommended that AIM Peak Endurance® and AIM BarleyLife® servings be taken one hour apart.

How a product or the ingredients in a product impact a person varies. Judy Taylor is the wife of Dave Taylor, AIM’s vice president of finance and international operations. Judy was involved in an auto accident several years ago resulting in her having to leave her job due to the pain. She tried everything, but nothing worked as promised or hoped. Then along came AIM Peak Endurance®. She is now back at work, and her quality of life has been restored.

Says Judy: “Ten years ago I developed fibromyalgia as a result of a severe whiplash injury. Being both a type A personality and a registered nurse, I had every confidence that I could quickly overcome this challenge. My arrogance quickly evaporated in the face of chronic pain and fatigue, when limited to no treatment options. Despite my strong will, and a fabulous team of my medical doctor, my chiropractor, my acupuncturist, my Chinese herbalist, my massage therapist, and my loving family, I never got significantly better.

“This background explains why I view AIM Peak Endurance® as my own personal miracle! Within days of taking the product twice a day, I had a vast decrease in the amount of my daily pain. I still have challenges related to my fibromyalgia, as it is a multi-faceted disease, but with my pain under control, everything else seems easy. In my case, the cost of the product is more than paid for in real dollars by the decrease in visits to both my chiropractor and massage therapist. In ‘soft’ dollars, the increase in my quality of life is beyond value. Thank you AIM for your investment in bringing this product to market.”

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Don’t let brain cells die without a fight!

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November 2008

Alzheimer’s disease is now the most common form of dementia, a term that refers to the loss of memory and other intellectual abilities.

Alzheimer’s occurs as a result of dying brain cells. As we age, the brain, along with the rest of our body, changes, and we can often experience occasional forgetfulness or slowed thinking. For a person with Alzheimer’s, tiny mistakes intensify into serious memory loss, confusion, and brain damage.

Two possible causes of damage to brain function are plaques and tangles. Plaques, which contain a protein called beta-amyloid, are found between nerve cells; tangles, a form of the protein tau, reside inside dying cells. Together, plaques and tangles can disrupt the communication from cell to cell and damage the nerve network.

While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, there have been several treatment options that have taken ground across the country.

Perhaps the most popular supplement for brain function is Ginkgo biloba, which is found in AIM GinkgoSense™. Ginkgo biloba has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which would allow it to protect and regulate the important brain cells that become susceptible to Alzheimer’s.

GinkgoSense offers 120 mg of the Ginkgo extract in each capsule, yet it is far from the only brain-aiding supplement found in the product.

GinkgoSense also contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an essential fatty acid and the building block of human brain tissue. Sixty percent of the brain is fat, and DHA is the most abundant fat in the brain. DHA’s most important role might be its hand in the communication between the brain and nervous system. Like many brain components, DHA decreases and breaks down with age, so replenishing our bodies’ natural supply becomes more important as we get older.

In addition to Ginkgo biloba and DHA fatty acids, GinkgoSense also combines bilberry, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Together, the ingredients can help increase brain function, improve circulation, and blood flow. Janet Breitkreutz

Increasing cardiovascular health and the circulation of blood throughout the body could certainly make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s. As Janet stated in her testimony, the benefits of an improved blood supply are good for the whole body, including the brain.

As such, coenzyme Q10 could be an important supplement for those concerned about Alzheimer’s disease. CoQ10, also called ubiquinone, is a vital antioxidant that the body uses for increased oxygenation of cells and the generation of energy. Peak EnduranceIts role in the process of normal cell reactions relates to the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s primary source of energy and the key component of AIM Peak Endurance®. CoQ10 is present in cell membranes where the conversion process of food to energy occurs.

Research shows that CoQ10 might also be an important factor in reducing the buildup of plaque in the brain. Since some plaque deposits result from an abundance of brain cell damage from oxidative stress, CoQ10 might be able to lessen the effect thanks to its protection against oxidation.

CoQ10’s role in building cells, creating energy, and cardio health makes it a valuable resource for those interested in dealing with Alzheimer’s. AIM Cellsparc 360® contains 60 mg of CoQ10 in each capsule, and thanks to its formulation with tocotrienols and fish oil, Cellsparc 360 is a health product like no other on the market.Wendell Wamboldt

Omega fatty acids have been credited with a lot of health benefits, everything from lowering blood pressure, improving skin, and enhancing anti-inflammatory response. They also may be a key to brain health.

Omega-3 fatty acids might be effective for strengthening nerve cells, an area that is often where the breakdown in Alzheimer’s occurs. Researchers found that omega-3s improve the growth of bridges between cells, which can help create a strong bond in the brain. This bond would play a part in improving the brain’s capacity to store, process, and retrieve information.

AIMegaAIMega® contains omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids derived from flax, sesame, olive, and sunflower oils. Fatty acids, like the DHA in GinkgoSense, help improve brain function, maintain healthy cells, and protect against cardiovascular disease – all of which could make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

With so many different theories on what might be the cause of Alzheimer’s, there is just as much variety with theories on how to prevent or decrease its symptoms. One way is to reduce the prevalence of free radicals in the body, especially as it relates to the passing of blood to the brain and cells in the brain.

ProancynolThis may be why people have been turning to grape seed extract for Alzheimer’s help. Grape seed extract is one of the most effective supplements for fighting free radicals in the body. It is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to remain in the body for three full days, working to clean our system and fight off free radical damage. Even better, grape seed extract is more powerful than both vitamins C and E.

Grape seed extract can be found in AIM Proancynol® 2000, which combines the extract with green tea, N-acetylcysteine, alpha-lipolic acid, selenium, rosemary, and lycopene. Using a synergistic formula, Proancynol 2000 makes sure you get the most out of each ingredient thanks to the unique way that the nutrients work together and complement one another.